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Windows 10 Dynamic Lock: Intelligent locking to PC From April

Windows 10 Dynamic Lock: Windows 10 is now coming with a new feature to lock system, Dynamic Lock which is an intelligent locking to the PC and this will be released in April. Everyone heard about Windows hello by now which will let the user to easily log in to the service. Now, another feature was introduced by Windows, which is Windows Goodbye and this will log out the user from a device. This feature is actually called as Dynamic lock and this will be launched in April for the users.

This feature is actually called as the Dynamic lock, but the windows central reported that it is internally referred as Windows Goodbye which is a most catchy name for it. This will automatically lock the device when we are not present near to that.

Windows 10 Dynamic Lock: Microsoft Updates Intelligent locking to PC:

Windows 10 Dynamic Lock

This windows 10 is a personal computer operating system and is the latest version of Windows. This was officially unveiled in September of 2014 and it was built in 2014. This operating system which will offer a service that will automatically receive the ongoing updates to its features and functionality. This will harmonise the user experience and functionality between the classes of device and also the addresses of shortcomings in the user interface that were introduced in the previous versions of windows operating systems.

There is also an existing feature in windows before this Windows Goodbye. It can automatically lock the device after a setting of a certain time period of inactivity. But, Dynamic Lock will be much smarter and more responsive version than the previous one. The more details on this about how it will work are yet to be announced, and it has been speculated that this Dynamic lock will be for instance. Use Windows Hello compatible cameras or proximity sensors of sorts to “see” if you’re there or not.

Users can also hope that Dynamic Lock will not lock your device when you’re sitting right next to it but not using it. This Dynamic Lock a.k.a. Windows Goodbye will arrive on Windows 10 PCs as part of the Windows 10 Creators Update that’s scheduled for April.

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