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WhatsApp iPhone Updates: Users can Queue Messages without Internet

WhatsApp iPhone Updates

WhatsApp iPhone Updates: There is a new update in Whatsapp for iPhone users with many features and more moreover they are said to be interesting features. This change in features includes the sharing limit of images and videos to 30 at a single time. There is a redesigned version of WhatsApp iPhone Update and with more useful storage screen and there is an ability to queue the messages which are a feature that will be available on Android for quite some time now.

The latest version of WhatsApp is the version 2.17.1 and is available for downloading to all the iPhone users which are running on the iOS 7 or any higher version. Have a quick look at features of WhatsApp iPhone Updates.

WhatsApp iPhone Updates: Users can Queue Messages without the Internet

WhatsApp iPhone Updates

This new update of WhatsApp is said as 91.2MB and it is strongly recommended to download the update under the strong WiFi connection and with a good battery life. This new update will bring the users to able to queue the messages even when there is no internet connection and also with a poor connection. The users can the WhatsApp messages to an individual or a group even when there is no internet connection and those messages will get sent automatically when the user gets the connectivity on the iPhone. This same update has been available for Android users for already some time now and this feature has finally arrived to iPhone users with the latest update.

It is also said that WhatsApp has been testing the increased in the media sharing number limit in the Android beta app and this update is firstly available in the iOS for the iPhone users. The earlier limit for the media sharing in WhatsApp is 10 at a time and it was now increased to 30 at a time in the latest update.

Meanwhile, the WhatsApp storage usage screen is a handy tool which is used to see the individual or the group chats and to delete the content of the respective chat which gives the more storage space by making the room clean. The WhatsApp is also working on the ability to bring the users to edit the messages that have already sent to the contacts.

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