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Walnut App: This Finds nearby active ATMs With Cash and Shorter queues


WALNUT Mobile App: At the time when the whole country is in under the influence of Demonetization policy and people are seeking to change their currency, the popular finance application Walnut a.k.a WalnutPay has received a new and a great update that enables you to track, which currency notes a particular ATM is dispensing for you to withdraw.

Another new feature of this app is the notification alert (called ‘Notify Me’) which is sent to you whenever an ATM becomes functional nearby. This functionality along with the currency notes tracker, in addition, it tells about the already existing ‘ATM with cash’ and this feature offered by Walnut is superb.

WALNUT app helps in Demonetization : Finds nearby active ATMs With Shorter queues & Cash:


Finally, you don’t have to wait in the long lines as this app, there is a feature that also tells the ability for you to report queues at ATM’s, along with the availability of cash within a particular teller machine (in case you are in possession of this information).

As from now, Walnut has been updated to scan and display information regarding the available Rs 100, Rs 500 and Rs 2000 currency notes stocked in a particular ATMs operated by select banks. This information is mainly filtered out based on the geographical area and the amount to be withdrawn.

Walnut’s ATM with Cash functionality could be proved as useful now, by considering the fact that salary disbursals and monthly payments are at their peak point at the beginning of each calendar month.

Features of Walnut app:

The Walnut app is available for both Google Android and Apple iOS users in India. Other major features that are offered by the application include:

1-Ability to track spending

2-Money transfer

3-Bill payments

4-Bank balance monitoring

5-Ability to split and share expenses with friends/family

6-Monthly ATM withdrawal monitoring

In the present time, as the condition has emerged up, this app will aid in finding the proper place for finding cash, though possibly for few days you may not find any ATM being free or not having people, who wants to take out money, but still this app can aid you in finding a place where you can see the less crowd and take out the money easily.

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