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The Story Behind Baahubali war scenes Video Leak!! Finally, Producer Reveals the Culprit’s Name

Baahubali war scenes Video Leak: All the fans of the movie Baahubali are waiting for its second part and it would be getting released in 2017. Meanwhile, a 2-minute video from this movie was leaked online and became viral on the Social Media.The movie makers have now identified the source and deleted the video from YouTube. But the video is now getting viral on the WhatsApp.

Baahubali movie producers Shobu Yarlagadda and Prasad Devineni immediately lodged a with Jubilee Hills police in Hyderabad.The makers found that a nine-minute long climax sequence was stolen from the editing unit and a two and half minute of its footage was leaked on WhatsApp, which got viral.

Producer Reveals The Story Behind Baahubali war scenes Video Leak :


Talking to the media about the damage Shobu Yarlagadda said: “It is very unfortunate that a small unfinished video clip of Baahubali Movie was leaked online yesterday. The Person responsible for the leak was identified with the help of security features in place and was arrested late last night by Police and handed over to cyber crime.  Sincere thanks to our fans who have alerted us very early and the local police and cyber crime division for their prompt response.  We have many security features to deter precisely these kinds of situations. However, filmmaking is a collaborative effort involving 100s of people across multiple locations and we need to work on trust.  Sometimes, in very rare cases, this trust is not maintained leading to this unpardonable and unfortunate situation!”

The Arka Media Works, video editor Krishna was suspected and taken into the custody by Jubilee Hills police in Hyderabad.Evidently, it was found that Krishna had forwarded the 2 min clip to his friends Aishwarya and Akhil in Vijayawada. The Cybercrime department found the source from where the video was uploaded and deleted the same. They arrested the video editor.

This is not for the very first time that a significant portion has been leaked from films before their formal release. Pawan Kalyan Atharintiki Daredhi movie was released a couple of days before the actual release. Baahubali is a mega project, which is expected to break the records on a National level. This grand movie will be released in April next year and has to live up to its very successful prequel.

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