WhatsApp Download 2.12.90 for Nokia Symbian: Check out here

WhatsApp Download 2.12.90 for Nokia Symbian: Check out here


Whatsapp developers released a new version of Whatsapp 2.12.90 APK for Nokia Symbian. The versions for Android and iOS of Whatsapp are releasing often these days, but the updates for Nokia Symbian are not being released regularly.

WhatsApp Download 2.12.90 for Nokia Symbian: Check here

whatsapp download
Whatsapp download

So as a good news for Nokia users, the team released a new update. The sad news is that the developers couldn’t bring the voice calling service for the Nokia Symbian users yet. The 2.12.90 APK does not have the voice calling service. So this may take time for the feature to be added.
There are also rumors which say that the racial emoji’s are going to be finally added to the WhatsApp version for Nokia Symbian devices, but it is not yet known when this will happen. We agree that the Voice Calling feature might be a bit harder to implement, but the racial emoji should be quite easy to be added to the application.
How to Install Whatsapp 2.12.90 for Nokia Symbian:
Firstly you have to uninstall the current Whatsapp version which is running on your device. In order to save your backup, go to Options->Settings->Chat History->Backup chat history. Whenever you want to uninstall WhatsApp for adding a new version, you should be saving the back up from the settings.

After downloading Whatsapp 2.12.90 SIS file, you will be able to download and install the software on your device. You have to verify your mobile number after you install the software to restore your chat history.

For further versions of Whatsapp, stay tuned to our site. We will keep you updated about all the new versions of Whatsapp coming in the market and which you cannot download from the app store or play store.

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