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Shawn White

Shawn White

Senior Editor


Location: The Wiire, a home inside my home.

Consoles Owned: Nintendo GameCube, Nintendo DS, Game Boy (color, Advance SP), Nintendo 64, Super Nintendo, NES; SEGA Game Gear, Genesis, CD.

Favorite Game: Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

Favorite Console: Nintendo GameCube

News: SEGA Superstar Tennis Announced
News: Brawl: Little Mac Assist Trophy
News: Trauma Center Tuesday: New Blood Web Site Open
News: Brawl: New Pork City
News: VC Update: Ninjas, Marines and a Gate of Thunder
News: Brawl: Photo Snapping, Sharing
News: Brawl: Sonic Special Moves
News: New Wii Music Details Revealed
News: Iwata: 100 WiiWare Proposals Made
News: New WiiWare Titles Announced, Detailed
News: Japan to Receive New Channels in November
News: Dream Events, Mii Support Revealed for Mario & Sonic Olympic Debut
News: Updates on Wii Software, Hardware, Downloads
News: Galaxy, Brawl, More Playable at E for All
News: SEGA Goes Bass Fishing on Wii
News: VC Update: First NEOGEO Additions
Review: Dragon Blade: Wrath of Fire
News: Brawl: Two-player Co-op in Adventure Mode
News: Brawl: Fox Final Smash
News: Brawl: ExciteBike, Lakitu Assist Trophies
News: Destineer to Bring Popcorn Arcade Titles Stateside
News: SEGA Details NiGHTS Transformations, Online
News: Brawl: Shadow Moses Island
News: Nintendo to Bundle Wii Remote Jacket with New Controllers, Hardware
News: VC Update: Import Genre Launch
News: Brawl: New Character Lucas
News: Brawl: Pokemon Trainer Final Smash
News: Mario and Sonic Olympic Debut Detailed
News: Next Fatal Frame Coming to Wii
News: Brawl: Diddy Kong's Final Smash
News: Brawl: Trophies
News: Kirby's Avalanche Descends Upon VC
News: Tecmo Producer Discusses Rygar for Wii
News: Brawl: Solid Snake Special Moves, Music
News: Wii Zapper Package, New Link's Crossbow Training Details Revealed
News: Brawl: New Pokemon Piplup
News: Bomberman Lands in North America Jan 2008
News: LucasArts to Unleash The Force on Wii
News: Gunstar Heroes Developer Backing Wii
News: Hudson to Bring Turbo, Super CD Games to VC
News: Yoshi and Friends Raid Virtual Console
Feature: Foolproof: Region Freedom
News: Virtual Console to Receive Games Never Released in PAL Regions
News: Capcom to Bring We Love Golf! to North America
News: One Piece Seeks Unlimited Adventure in US
News: Brawl: Ice Climbers Leap Back on the Roster
News: Special Brawl Revealed
News: New Umbrella Chronicles Character, Info Revealed
News: SNK to Release Neo Geo Games on Virtual Console
News: Gamebryo Engine Made Compatible with Wii
News: Blast Works Delayed to 2008, Online Support Added
News: Brawl: Assist Trophy Lyn
News: Wii Gives Home to Eternity's Child
News: VC Update: Sonic 3, Neutopia II, NES Football
News: Brawl: Pokemon Munchlax
News: Square-Enix: Wii MMOs Possible, Not Currently Allowed by Nintendo
News: Brawl: Mario's Special Moves, Pokemon Stadium 2
News: New Game from Odin Sphere Developer Revealed
News: Harvey Birdman Takes the Wii Case
News: Brawl: Diddy Kong Special Moves
News: VC Update: Math on Labor Day
News: Sonic Riders: Gravity, Vehicles, Multiplayer Info
News: Nintendo Details U.S. Version of Wii Fire Emblem
News: Worms: A Space Oddity Announced
News: Brawl: Gliding
News: Brawl: Pokemon Trainer Special Moves
Review: Metroid Prime 3: Corruption
News: Medaverse Announces WiiWare Title
News: Brawl: Assist Trophy Andross
News: Eidos Concocts Monster Lab
News: Brawl: Superspicy Curry Item
News: Rabbids 2 Q&A on Multiplayer, Music, More
News: M-rated Manhunt 2 Coming Halloween 2007
News: Brawl: Boss Petey Piranha
News: Ubisoft Details Mini-Games for Rabbids 2
News: Brawl: Yoshi's Final Smash
News: GHIII: Third Set of 11 Tracks Revealed
News: Top Spin Tennis Hitting Wii Spring 2008
News: Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity Announced
News: Brawl: Newcomer Diddy Kong
News: A New Beginning for Wii
News: Brawl: The Subspace Army
Feature: Star Talk: Samus Aran
News: Data Design Interactive Establishes Popcorn Arcade
News: VC Update: Month of Metroid Part III
News: Brawl: Link's Special Moves
News: Hudson Reveals Deca Sports Via V-Jump
News: Nikkei: WiiWare Titles to Sell Under
News: Medal of Honor Heroes 2 Online, Controls Detailed
News: Brawl: Stickers
News: Brawl: Assist Character Devil
News: VC Update: Month of Metroid Part II
News: Brawl: Newcomer Pokemon Trainer
News: Nanostray Developer Licensed for Wii
News: Brawl: Franklin Badge Item
News: New Mario Galaxy Suits, Worlds Details
News: The Spiderwick Chronicles Announced
News: Cooking Mama 2 Announced for Europe
News: Brawl: Pit's Final Smash
News: Speed Racers Zooming to Wii
News: Chocobo's Mysterious Dungeon Job System, Story Detailed
News: Wii Update: Interface Improvements, Additions
News: Brawl: Ike's Special Moves
Review: Alien Syndrome
News: Brawl: Smoke Ball Item
News: EA, FIBA Add International Teams to NBA Live 08
News: Power Pro Baseball Swinging Stateside
News: Star Trek: Conquest Announced
News: Brawl: The Subspace Emissary
News: Aonuma Confirms Sheik, Ganondorf in Brawl
News: Zoonami: Dedicated to Wii
News: Guitar Hero III: 11 New Tracks Announced
News: Brawl: New Challenger Ike
News: Brawl: Pitfall Item
News: VC Update: Dynamite Soldier Drop-Off
News: Brawl: Knuckle Joe Assist Trophy
News: The Wiire Media Update
Review: Mario Strikers Charged
Review: Action Girlz Racing
News: Brawl: Yoshi Leaps From Egg, Joins Roster
News: VC Update: Kirby Goes Golfing
News: Brawl: Rumble Falls
News: Tales of Symphonia Sequel Revealed
News: NiGHTS Children Characters Detailed
News: Bully Earns Scholarship for School of Wii
News: Asterix at the Olympic Games Announced
News: inXile Considering Wii Hei$t
News: Rockstar Plays Table Tennis with Wii
News: Atari Saddles Wii with My Horse and Me!
News: Medal of Honor Heroes 2 Announced
News: VC Update: Silent Paper Fight
Feature: Staff Roundtable: E3 2007
News: Brawl: Smashville Arena
News: Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian Announced
News: Project H.A.M.M.E.R. Paused, Disaster Still On Track
News: Ubisoft Reveals Nitro Bike
News: Oxygen Games Preparing Two Quiz Titles
News: Brawl: Donkey Kong, New Gameplay Clip
News: EA Announces Smartypants
News: Wii Zapper, Wheel, New Channels Announced
News: Nintendo Reveals Online Wii Mario Kart
News: Nintendo Details First-Party Release Dates
News: E3 2007: Nintendo Media Briefing
News: Brawl: Bumper Item
News: Tenkaichi 3 to Feature Online Play
News: EA Releases Full Boogie Soundtrack
News: EA Details Spielberg Wii Game
News: Activision Reveals Bee Movie, New Spider-Man
News: Civilization Revolution Confirmed for Wii
News: World Championship Darts Targets Wii
News: Trauma Center: New Blood Announced
News: Brawl: Dr. Wright Assist Trophy
News: GH III Guitar Controller, Unlockables Revealed
News: Destroy All Humans Invading Wii
News: No More Heroes: Beam Katana Abilities
News: MX vs. ATV Untamed Announced
News: VC Update: Mach Rider, Yoshi, Air Zonk
News: Brawl: Standard Combo Alteration
News: No Online Play, Miis in SSG Season 2
News: EA to Incorporate Family Play in Sports Titles
News: New Details Wrestled From Smackdown vs. Raw 2008
News: Atari Reveals Wii Jenga Game
News: Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night Announced
News: Bleach: Shattered Blades Announced
News: Brawl: The Bridge of Eldin Stage
News: THQ Announces de Blob
News: 2-Player Co-Op Confirmed for Umbrella Chronicles
News: New Forever Blue Details Unearthed
News: Brawl: Bowser's Final Smash
Feature: Versus: Metroid Sans Multiplayer
News: LucasArts Announces Thrillville: Off the Rails
News: Brawl: Return of the Koopa King
News: Super Swing Golf Season 2 Announced
Feature: Nintendolosophy: Two Years
News: Furu Furu Park Announced for U.S.
News: VC Update: Of Shooters and Sequels
News: Brawl: Assist Trophies
Review: Pokemon Battle Revolution
Podcast: The Wiire Podcast - Episode #063
News: Brawl: Wario's Special Moves
News: Brawl: Personalized Button Configurations
News: LucasArts: Lightsaber Game "In Place"
News: Midway Reveals New Cruis'n, Game Party
News: Blast Works Announced for Wii
News: Nintendo Announces WiiWare Service
News: EA Details Dates, Online for 2008 Sports Line-Up
News: VC Update: The Fast, The Furious, The Chinese
News: Brawl: Princess Zelda Returns
News: Brawl: Lylat Cruise
News: Dragon Blade: Wrath of Fire Announced
News: AiLive Demonstrates LiveMove, LiveCombat
News: Manhunt 2 Release Suspended
News: Manhunt 2 Release Suspended
News: Epicenter Announces Exclusive Firefighting Game
News: Monster Jam Announced
Review: Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition
News: New No More Heroes Assassin Revealed
News: Brawl: Pikachu's Final Smash
News: VC Update: Sport Outings, Bloody Wolf
News: Brawl: Link's Final Smash
News: Hudson Bringing Fishing Master to North America
News: New Soul Calibur Legends Details Via Famitsu
News: THQ Announces Avatar: The Burning Earth
News: Showtime Boxing Details Disclosed
News: Secret Files Tunguska Announced for Wii
News: Tenkaichi 3: 20 New Characters, Original Japanese Voices
News: Brawl: Four Control Schemes
News: Marketing Team, Executives to Leave Nintendo
News: Rune Factory Game Intended for Wii
Feature: A Link to the Past, A Link for the Future
News: Brawl: New Pokemon Groudon
News: Zoo Digital Reveals New Sea Monsters Details
News: VC Update: Houston, We've Reached 100
News: Naruto Wii Renamed, Refurbished for American Audience
News: Activision CEO: Third Parties Can Win on Wii
News: Brawl: Isle Delfino Stage
News: The BIGS Wii Controls, Track List Detailed
News: Need for Speed: ProStreet Announced
News: Brawl: Cracker Launcher
News: Venus Redemption Planned for Wii
News: Strikers Producer: Online Games Use Mii Code
News: Mushroom Men Storm Wii
News: Brawl: Move and Jump While Shooting
News: Brawl: Mario's Final Smash Attack
News: VC Update: ActRasier, Kid Chameleon, J.J. & JEFF
Feature: Foolproof: More is Mini
News: Connectivity, Online Scoreboard in Wii Geometry Wars
News: Boogie Characters Detailed, Web Site Opens
News: First Crystal Bearers Trailer Goes Live
News: Cosmic Family Details Released
News: Ubisoft Announces Horsez 2
News: Rabbids Sequel to Feature 60 New Microgames
News: Icarus Tool Suite Planned for Wii
News: Carnival Games Announced for Wii
News: FIFA 08 to Wii, Madden 08 to Feature Online Play
News: Geometry Wars Fights for Galaxy on Wii
News: Capcom Expanding Wii Support, RE4 Dated
News: Nintendo Reveals Release Dates, Metroid in August
News: Rayman's Rabbids Multiply for Sequel
News: Treasure Island Z Officially Named
Review: Heatseeker
News: PaRappa the Rapper Creator Planning Wii Game
News: WayForward Becomes Wii Developer
News: Milestone Crows on Wii
News: Tomb Raider Celebrates 10th Anniversary on Wii
News: No Wii-DS Connectivity for Crystal Bearers
News: Tony Hawk's Proving Ground Announced
News: Dragon Quest Swords: 2008 American Release
News: VC Update: Pac-Man and Ninjas
News: Tecmo Announces New Rygar Game
News: Arcade Shooter Ghost Squad Invades Wii
News: Chocobo's Mystery Dungeon Wii Revealed
News: The Simpsons Enter the Next Generation
News: Soul Calibur Legends Revealed
News: First Spielberg Game Exclusive to Wii
News: Google Reader Made Wii Compatible
News: D3 Bringing Ben 10 to Wii
News: Wicked Witches of Wii
News: VC Update: Rescue Party of Three
News: Maniac Magazine Details Umbrella Chronicles
News: Boogie Controls Detailed, Microphone Packed In
Feature: March on Monolith
News: EA Playground Revealed
News: Wii Answers the Call for Heroes
News: Wii Gets Ready 2 Rumble
News: NBA Live 08 Shooting for Wii
News: VC Update: Mystical Ninja, Shockman, Castlevania
News: Iwata: Increasing Production, 45 First-Party Games in Development
News: Nintendo Buys Out Monolith Software
News: Famitsu Reveals New Gundam, Guilty Gear
News: JoWood Tackling Next-Gen Consoles
News: Take-Two Presents New The BIGS Details
News: NiGHTS Wii: Two Control Schemes, More User-Friendly
News: SEGA Announces Wii Puyo Puyo Game
News: Square-Enix: Crystal Bearers Progressing Extremely Well
News: VC Update: Gradius III, Wonder Boy, Lode Runner
Feature: Interview: Andrew Oliver, Blitz Games
News: EA Announces Sims 2 Pets
News: Crash of the Titans Announced, First Media
News: Former EA Canada Employees Form Nintendo-centric Studio
News: Obscure II Announced for Wii
News: Goddess of Dawn Not Wi-Fi, Considered for Sequel
News: Guitar Hero III to Support Guitar Peripheral, Online Play
News: VC Update: Punching, Fighting, Revenge
News: Famitsu Reveals New DK Bongo Blast Details
News: Final Opera Browser Available
News: Greek Interview Reveals Wii Music, Health Pack Details
News: Harvest Moon Creator Talks Project O
News: New Cars Game Races to Wii
News: Alex Kidd, Bravo Man, Galaga Join VC
News: NiGHTS Wii to Utilize Forecast Channel, WiiConnect24
News: Brothers in Arms Does Double Time on Wii
News: New Umbrella Chronicles, RE4 Wiimake Details
News: Fils-Aime: No Metroid Before June
Review: Super Paper Mario
News: Harmonix To Rock Wii
News: Mario Strikers Charged Director Talks Online Play
News: VC Update: Turtles, Foxes and Dragons
Feature: In Defense of The Younger Gamer
News: NiGHTS Wii Revealed, First Screens
News: THQ Announces WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2008
News: Nintendo to Exhibit at E for All Expo
News: Mario and Sonic Face-Off at the Olympics
News: Wii Enters Pinball Hall of Fame
News: Developers Discuss Final Internet Channel
News: Romance of the Three Kingdoms IV Joins VC
News: EA Boogies on Wii
News: Ubisoft Announces Surf's Up
News: And Then There Were None on Wii
News: VC Update: ExciteBike, Beyond Oasis, Splatterhouse
Feature: The Metroid Matrix
News: System 3 Announces Ferrari Challenge
News: Unity to Support Wii Game Creation
News: Koei Announces Opoona
News: Famitsu Reveals Treasure Island Z
Feature: GDC 2007 Reflections
News: Dave Mirra BMX Challenge Announced
News: Naruto Wii Coming to America with Exclusive Content
News: Code Lyoko Digitizing onto Wii
News: New Wii Development Tools Planned
News: Aonuma on Future Wii Zelda
News: Tecmo Bowl, Sonic Spinball, Double Dungeons Join VC
News: First Spiderman 3 Wii Details Revealed
News: Suda 51 Working on Two More Wii Titles
Feature: GDC 2007 Software Impressions
News: Capcom Studio Head Talks Mature Titles, Reusing Engines
News: Miyamoto Confirms New Channel, Mario Galaxy for 2007
News: Business Week: More Wii Support from Pandemic, Atari
News: Project O Announced
News: Pokemon Battle Revolution Dated, First Wi-Fi Title
News: Nintendo Updates Wii Release Dates
News: Elite Beat Agents Developer in Talks with Nintendo
News: New Manhunt 2 Details Uncovered
News: Vicious Engine Revs Up Wii Development
News: Emergency Mayhem Revealed
News: Capcom Developing Devil Kings 2
News: Tantalus Interactive Working on Wii
News: Space Station Tycoon Announced
News: Data Design Interactive Planning 12 Titles
News: Golden Compass Points Towards Wii
News: Ocarina of Time, Chew Man, Bio-Hazard Battle Join VC
News: Infinite Interactive Considering Warlords for Wii
News: Nintendo Japan Adds MSX, NEO GEO to VC
News: Ocarina of Time Available for Europe, Japan VC
Review: Sonic and the Secret Rings
Feature: Wii, We Love You, Now Change!
News: Ubisoft Announces Totally Spies!
News: New Destiny of Zorro Details
News: Keen Games Becomes First German Wii Developer
Feature: To Wii, With Love: Cutest Couples
News: Everybody Votes Channel Launches
News: Brunswick Pro Bowling Announced
News: Guitar Hero to Rock Nintendo Platforms
News: Fight Night Wii Under Consideration
News: Conspiracy Bringing Shoot Out to Wii
News: No MLB 2K7 for Wii, Take 2 Aims for 2008
News: Rockstar Bringing Manhunt Sequel to Wii
News: Ubisoft Reveals Driver: Parallel Lines Info
News: Three New Games For VC
News: WWE Lays Smackdown on Wii
News: DDR: Hottest Party Announced
News: Konami Reveals Dewy's Adventure
News: First Godzilla: Unleashed Details Revealed
News: Four New Games Added to Virtual Console
News: Hudson Hints at Separate Download Service
News: Three Ubisoft Games Moved to After March
News: EA to Discuss The Sims Wii at GDC
News: Looney Tunes: Acme Arsenal Announced
News: Mario Party 8 Delayed, Other Titles Dated
News: Super Paper Mario Releasing in April
Review: Monster 4x4 World Circuit
News: Link to the Past, Genesis Titles to Join VC
News: Miyamoto, Aonuma, Kondo to Speak at GDC
News: Famitsu Reveals New Goddess of Dawn Information
News: Eidos Announces Bionicle Heroes
News: ESRB Confirms Ubisoft, HudsonSoft Games
News: Games Master Reveals New Sonic Wii Details
News: Xevious, R-Type III, Moto Roadar Join VC
News: Twelve Interactive Becomes Official Wii Developer
News: Nintendo Raises Sales Expectations
News: SEGA Announces Q1 2007 Virtual Console Games
News: Treasure Planning to Support Wii
Feature: Wiimakes: A Worthwhile Option?
News: Medal of Honour Vanguard Storming March 2007
News: Line Rider Coming to Wii
News: Wii Play American Release Delayed
News: Forecast Channel Available, Browser Demo on 12/22
News: First Mario Party 8 Details Emerge
News: Prince of Persia Wii a Remake of Two Thrones
Review: Super Swing Golf
News: Legend of the Dragon Announced
News: Nintendo Issues Voluntary Strap Replacements
News: Mercury Meltdown Revolution Announced
News: Sega Announces Alien Syndrome
News: Nintendo Sued By Interlink
Review: Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam
Review: SpongeBob SquarePants: Creature from the Krusty Krab
News: Heroes Gets Name Change
News: Fils-Aime Talks Wii's Performance, Game Releases
News: Wii Goes Baja Racing
Review: Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz
News: Wii Play Coming to America
News: Harry Potter Wii Joins Order of the Phoenix
Review: Rayman Raving Rabbids
Review: Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Review: Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
News: Nintendo to Spend 0M on Marketing
News: Bandai-Namco: 30 Wii Projects Planned
News: First Bust-A-Move Bash! Details Emerge
News: ESRB Rates Eight New VC Titles
News: Wii Text Input Now eZi
News: Disney Dedicates Studio to Nintendo Consoles
News: Twilight Princess to Feature Downloadable Content
News: Kaplan: Component Cables at Retail
News: Nintendo World Shows New Brawl Footage
News: Nintendo Details Virtual Console
News: Wii-Specific Sims Announced
News: Twilight Princess Trailer, Intro Scene Released
News: 2K Sports Announces The BIGS, First Screen
News: Nintendo World to Host Smash Bros. Footage
News: Genius Sonority Behind Wii Dragon Quest
News: Nintendo Expands into Russia
News: iWin Supporting Virtual Console
News: Torus Games Developing for Wii
News: Ubisoft: 14 Titles By March 2007
News: Factor 5: Wii is "GameCube 1.5"
News: Suda 51 Talks Heroes Controls, Story, More
News: Itagaki: Wii Changes the Paradigm
Feature: Fusion Tour: Texas
News: Component Cables Sold Online at Launch
News: First Australian Virtual Console Games Revealed
News: Steering Wheel Sold Separately
News: Iwata Asks About Wii Sports, Wii Play
News: Harrison: Mii Potential Yet to be Tapped
News: Nintendo World 2006 Announced
News: Nintendo Reveals '06-'07 Software Details
News: GameStop Wii Pre-orders Begin Oct. 13
News: Toys 'R Us Makes a Wii Deal
News: Miis on Parade
News: Wii Accessories, Mark-Ups Revealed
Feature: Will Wii Cry?
News: Mana Producer Talks Series on Wii
News: Pro Evolution Soccer Evolving on Wii
News: Wii Production Ramping Up
News: Wii Play History Unveiled
News: Sonic Producer Discusses Length, Design
News: NoE Reveals Wii Move You Campaign
News: Metal Slug 6 Added to Anthology
News: Guitar Hero Goes Multiplatform
News: Fils-Aime on WarioWare Delay, Mature Content
News: Wing Island Details, Media Revealed
News: Mii Avatars in WarioWare: Smooth Moves
News: Wii Media Blow Out!
News: Ellen DeGeneres Gives Away Wii, Zelda
News: Resident Evil Chapters, Gameplay Revealed
News: Final Fantasy Tactics Director Working on Wii
News: Final Fantasy Tactics Director Working on Wii
News: Miyamoto on Mii, Marketing and Link's Hands
News: Wii to be Profitable "Out of the Box"
News: Wii Games Until March 31, 2007
News: Region Lock and USB Storage Details
News: Super Paper Mario, DK Bongo Blast Moved
News: New and Known Wii Games Shown
News: Virtual Console Details Unveiled
News: Japanese Launch Details Revealed
News: Activision Brings Five to Launch
News: Famitsu Lists New Games, Details
News: Exclusive: Natsume on Harvest Moon, TGS
News: Majesco Expanding Wii Plans
News: Nintendo Hiring Wii Packagers
News: Charles Martinet at GAME on Sept. 15
News: GT Pro Series New Details, Attachment Revealed
News: Sam Fisher Inflitrates Launch
News: Banpresto Bringing Shinchan to Wii
News: Totally Games Hiring Wii Programmer
News: Koei to Present Wii Title at TGS
Feature: Hype Me Baby One More Time
News: IBM Shipping Broadway Chips
News: Iga Hints at Wii Castlevania Title
News: GameStop Lists Wii Accessories
News: Far Cry Subtitled Vengeance, New Details
News: Elebits Shying Towards Online?
News: Tecmo to "Aggressively" Support VC
News: Red Steel Not Online, Uses Speaker
News: Red Steel Not Online, Uses Speaker
News: Rayman Exclusive Until May 2007
News: Twilight Princess Expects T Rating
News: EA Planning Six for Launch Window
News: No Online Mode for Wii Call of Duty
News: Tony Hawk Skates Offline
News: Dragon Ball Z Tenkaichi 2 Misses Japanese Launch
News: Battalion Wars 2 Fact Sheet
News: Molyneux Questions Motion-Sensing Devices
News: EA: Wii for 0
News: Nintendo Considering 'Wiimakes'
News: Twilight Princess to Feature Real-Time Slashing
News: Impossible Mission, California Games Planned
News: ESRB Web Site Lists Three New Titles
News: Sonic Wild Fire Becomes Secret Rings
News: Wii at Leipzig Not For General Public
News: DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi 2 Fact Sheet
Podcast: The Wiire Podcast - Episode #034
Feature: Waiting for Twilight
News: Ubisoft: 7 Launch Titles, Names
News: Rampage Coming to Wii
News: Ubisoft, Midway Reveal More Titles in Development
News: THQ Building Barnyard
News: EA Ramping Up Wii Development
News: oeFun Planning Wii Title
News: Mortal Kombat: Armageddon to Strike Wii
News: E3 to be Smaller, More Intimate
News: Nintendo to Deliver Games Convention Keynote
News: Kojima Designing Snake's Brawl Stage
Podcast: The Wiire Podcast - Episode #032
News: No Haze for Wii
News: New Red Steel Scenario Details
News: Nintendo Power Reveals New Rayman Info
News: Sonic Wild Fire Two Years in Development
News: Sensory Sweep Studios to Consume Wii
News: LucasArts to Support Wii
Feature: A Wii Bit Sexual: Maturing of Games
News: Red Steel to Utilize Speaker?
Podcast: The Wiire Podcast - Episode #031
Feature: A Wii Bit Sexual: Console Aesthetics
News: Crash Bandicoot Title Confirmed
News: THQ to Incinerate Wii
News: Mask ROM Provider to Profit from Wii
News: Red Steel Multiplayer: Not Only On-screen?
News: THQ: More Unique, Less Exclusive
News: EA: Wii Could Be "First Overall"
News: Wii Controller Functionality Detailed
News: EA Announces Four New Titles
Feature: To Tokyo or Bust!
News: Wii is "Perfect Platform" for new TY the Tasmanian Tiger
News: Bandai Namco VP on Wii
News: Ubisoft: No Rainbow Six Just Yet
News: Call of Duty 3 "Most Developed" on Wii
Feature: Wii's Classical Renovation
News: SEGA Looking Ahead to "Second Generation" of Titles
Feature: May Mario Be Excused From Launch?
News: SD Cards Not Only Storage Medium?
News: Fils-Aime on WiiConnect24, Microtransactions
News: Need for Speed: Carbon Announced
Feature: The Uncanny Valley and Wii
News: NEC Projects Profits
News: High Voltage Software Prepares to Shock Wii
Feature: The Rumor Wiire: May 23-June 7, 2006
News: Iwata Discusses Connectivity, Virtual Console, Initial Losses
News: Super Smash Bros. Brawl Director Answers Fan Questions
News: ATi: E3 Graphics Were "Tip of the Iceberg"
News: Team Ninja Leader Discusses Wii
Feature: Versus: 250 dollars for Wii?
News: Nintendo Forecasts Strong Wii Sales, Talks Price
News: Post-E3: Nintendo Power Interview with Fils-Aime
News: Miyamoto: Revolution Name "Wasn't Acceptable"
News: Miyamoto: Revolution Name
News: D2 Creator Working on Wii?
News: Epic Games in Talks with Nintendo
News: Cellien Studios Pledges Support for Wii
News: Igarashi: Castlevania and Wii Don't Fit
News: EXCLUSIVE: The Wiire Speaks with Natsume
Feature: EXCLUSIVE: The Wiire Speaks with Natsume
News: EXCLUSIVE: The Wiire Talks Pangya Golf with Tecmo
Feature: EXCLUSIVE: The Wiire Talks Pangya Golf with Tecmo
News: Iwata Comments on E3 Reaction to Wii
Podcast: The Wiire Podcast - Episode #27 - Part 1 of 2 [video]
Podcast: The Wiire Podcast - Episode #27 - Part 2 of 2 [video]
Feature: Mailbag - May 15, 2006
News: Analyst Says Western Developers Missing Out on Wii Launch
News: EXCLUSIVE: The Wiire Talks to Hudson About Wii Games
Feature: EXCLUSIVE: The Wiire Talks to Hudson About Wii Games
News: Mario Galaxy Not Available at Launch?
Podcast: The Wiire Podcast - Episode #026 [video]
News: Havok Offers Middleware Solutions
News: Exclusive Resident Evil Title Announced
Feature: E3 2006 Scrapbook: Nintendo's Media Briefing
Podcast: The Wiire Podcast - Episode #025 [video]
News: Nintendo Comments on PS3 Controller Functionality
News: Buena Vista Announces Two More Disney Titles
News: EGM Reveals Wii Price, Virtual Console and Games Details
News: Square-Enix Delivers Two Titles for Wii Launch
News: Call of Duty 3 Confirmed for Wii
News: THQ CEO Comments on Wii Development Costs
News: One Piece: Unlimited Adventure Confirmed by Jump
News: Sadness Trailer Announced, Images Provided
Podcast: Revolution Report Podcast - Episode #24
News: Rayman Raving Rabbids Coming to Wii, First Details
News: Ubisoft Announces E3 Line-up
News: Midway Announces Three Titles
Feature: Nintendolosophy: The End of the Beginning
News: No Bandai-Namco Wii Titles at E3
News: Metal Slug Anthology Coming to Nintendo Wii
Feature: Nintendolosophy: Honesty is the Best Policy
News: Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz Planned for Launch
News: Fils-Aime: Racing Title for Wii to Show at E3
News: Exclusive: Nibris Provides Mysterious Sadness Images
Feature: Mailbag - April 28, 2006
Feature: Staff Roundtable #005: The Nintendo Wii
Feature: RR Rumor Mill (March 23- April 25)
News: Marvel: Ulimate Alliance Coming to Nintendo Wii
News: Nibris Clarifies Sadness Details
News: Atwood Further Addresses Nintendo Wii
News: Kaplan Comments on Nintendo Wii
Feature: Mail
Feature: Versus: The Nintendo Wii
News: Tecmo Golf Title Going Offline
News: Odama Creator Developing for Revolution?
News: Castlevania Director Not Yet Working on Revolution?
News: Nunchuck Contains Accelerometer
News: First Tony Hawk: Downhill Jam Details Unveiled
Podcast: Revolution Report Podcast - Episode #023
News: Nintendo Power Confirms Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam for Revolution
Feature: Mailbag - April 14, 2006
News: Ubisoft Montreal CEO Talks Plans for Revolution, E3 2006
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