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Being In Touch App: Download Salman khan’s App for Android & iOS

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Being In Touch App: December 27th is a very special day for the Bollywood Industry as it marks the birthday of the superstar, the Bhaijaan, Salman Khan. Yes, Salman Khan celebrates his birthday on December 27th every year and this date became special for all his well-wishers and fans. He is the heartthrob of Bollywood film industry who has a widespread fan following all over the world.

Salman has achieved the success on an international level and to give the fans the return gift, the actor has come up with an idea if launching his own app on his birthday. The Bhaijaan of Hindi Film industry is turning 51 this year and the actor to grace the respect and love in return to his fans is now coming to launch his own app on December 27th, 2016.

Being In Touch App: SALMAN KHAN APP is Big surprise for fans on Bhai’s 51st Birthday


 Salman Khan to grace his love towards his fan has tweeted about a big surprise coming up for his fans and now he officially announces the surprise of Tweeter calling it to be the Salman Khan App. Salman has also posted a picture of himself where he was seen wearing a cap and being human merchandise along with the caption of the mobile app. The main purpose to get the app is to get a more personal connection with his fans. The same scheme was applied by Actress Sonam Kapoor who launched her app to stay in more personal connection with her fans following the app.

Now it the Salman Khan time to take the role and his fans is super excited to get the app released soon and they started using it. The fans are seen sharing their happiness with the wishes on the tweeter post of the actor and are been much applauded for the idea. Salman Khan is very happy with the response coming forward from his fans. What best return gift could it be for the fans on a special day? Well, Salman Khan is truly said to be a kind-hearted human being getting the track right in the front.

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