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Prisma Copies Instagram : Introduced location-based feed & profiles

Prisma launched a new update which introduces an image feed and profiles

Prisma Updated: The new update by the Prisma has been launched with the new introduction of image feed and profiles exactly similar to Instagram. It is said to be the total copy of the famous social networking site Instagram. The whole introduction part came after the Facebook copied Prisma allows to artsy filters for the live videos using the Facebook app. The new addition feature of the images feed will be location-based which means the user can see only the photos shared by the people around you.

The images gain the popularity depending on the number of the likes and once the image gets likes enough to be popular, the image will be covered “the whole world.” For now, there are no other options introduced to like the images other than the double tap click off like with certain heart appearing as an overlay of the picture.

Prisma – the copy of Instagram: Introduced location-based feed, profiles, Social Features and Resolution 


prisma Introduction of location based feed and profiles by Instagram copy Prisma!

Prisma is said to be a total copy of Instagram following the same features and allowing the users to function in the same way. Instagram is way popular social networking app and there are many people all across the globe using the app.  The Prisma has fall late to get the new features added up and being termed as the copy app, it gets very much needed to build a strong growth for the app. The images shared on these sites can be viewed by friends all over the world.

Updated Version of Prisma Has similar Features like Instagram:

The Prisma app allows its users to appear what they have posted in terms of photos on visiting profiles by people for quite some time which is in other terms very strange concept. The feed gets divided into two parts and the upper portion is discovering section whereas the lower portion is said to have the following section where the images of the friends can be seen and followed. Moreover, the Prisma increased the resolution of the images from 1080*1080 pixels to a maximum of about 2300 pixels with the update, removing the 1:1 ratio concept. Stay tuned for more information on the updates.

Prisma copies Instagram

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