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Ola & Uber Refuse to Withdraw Ride-Sharing Services

Bengaluru: The cab service companies namely Uber Technologies Inc. as well as Ola Cabs services in Bengaluru have both refused to pull back ride sharing. The ride-sharing services were termed as illegal by the Karnataka State Transport Department. On Tuesday both cab companies met up with the state authorities after which they got extended time. The ride-sharing cab services called UberPool and Ola Share were given time until Friday to withdraw their services.

Meanwhile Uber floated a public petition whereas Ola requested its customers for their support. They asked their customers to show their support for the ride-sharing services via a Tweet Poll. The cab companies have asked its customers to show support on the Facebook page too. The General Manager, Uber Bengaluru,   Christian Freese said, “As we believe that UberPOOL is within the law, right now there is no push to stop the product. We have always said that ride share is something that is very much welcome for a city like Bengaluru.”

Ola & Uber Refuse  to Withdraw Ride-Sharing Services

Ola & Uber Refuse to Withdraw Ride-Sharing Services

Ola sent an email to its customers and wrote in it. Ride-sharing not only leads to fewer cars on the road but also clearer roads, and cleaner air not just for today, but for generations ahead.  As per the Karnataka state Transport Department, cab services are permitted a single point pick up and drop. This is without taking multiple stops on the route. Only Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation, schools and college buses are given permission for multiple pick-ups and drop points.

Meanwhile, the Uber spokesperson said: “UberPOOL is a product that enables driver partners to pick up and drop identified riders through the Uber app under a single contract. When a rider chooses UberPOOL through the Uber app, he or she consents to another person sharing the trip. There is a clear understanding between all the riders on the trip and the driver partner that the trip and the vehicle will be shared. The app also identifies all the riders and the driver partner.” He added “The law permits a contract carriage permit-holder to stop to pick up or set down passengers who are included in the contractual understanding with the driver. UberPOOL fulfills this requirement and we believe that it does not violate the contract carriage permit.”

On condition of anonymity, Ola executives said that they also will not stop the ride-sharing service.


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