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NIA arrests 3 Al-Qaeda Suspects : They were planning to attack PM Narendra Modi and Top Leaders

NIA arrests 3 Al-Qaeda Suspects: Three Al-Qaeda people were taken into custody by NIA on suspicion that they are planning to attack PM Modi and other leaders.  On Monday, National Investigation Agency has conducted several raids in various places in the city of Madurai in which 3 Al-Qaeda suspects were arrested.

Police said that the three suspects who were taken into custody have come up with a plan to attack 22 top leaders of the country along with Prime Minister Narendra Modi.  Police said that they were reportedly involved in threatening embassies of various countries in India.

The 3 suspects who got arrested on Monday are identified to be as M Kareem, Asif Sultan Mohammed, and Abbas Ali.  Kareem was arrested from Usman Nagar, Asif Sultan Mohammed was taken into custody from G R Nagar while Abbas Ali was arrested from Ismailpuram.

Alert! 3 al-Qaeda men planning to Kill Modi & Top 24  leaders :

NIA nabs three Al-Qaeda suspects
NIA nabs three Al-Qaeda suspects

Police also found explosives with the three men and seized them. Police said NIA raided several places on specific information that suspected Al-Qaeda activists were operating from South Tamil Nadu in and around Madurai.

The information that was received about the suspects was found right and three men were immediately arrested.  Explosive materials along with arms were found with these men and were seized from them.

PM Modi Was Among 22 Targets Of Arrested Al Qaeda Suspects :

The police declined to explain the exact weapons and explosives that were found in the raids.  It was said that the three men were running the al-Qaeda unit in South Tamil Nadu.  The three suspects were also said to be involved in the explosions that took place in various courts in the country in the past time.

NIA is still in search for two other suspects of Al-Qaeda operatives.  The two operatives were named as Hakeem and Dawood Sulaiman.  Police didn’t reveal much about the details of these two suspects who are at run currently.  They said that they will soon catch the two suspects as they might create any mishap in the future.  The three suspects were now in police custody and were being investigated.

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