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Baahubali The Beginning Review: Now the biggest thing which is going to happen this week is the release of Baahubali-The Beginning. India’s most expensive, most prestigious and most amazing movie is hitting around 4000 screens across the country tomorrow, July 10th, 2015.

Baahubali- The Beginning  Movie Review 2015


Baahubali took almost 3 years to finally hit the screens. Baahubali is another spectacular from one of India’s finest and brilliant director, S.S Rajamouli. With the multistar cast of Prabhas Raju and Rana Daggubati in the lead roles, Anushka Shetty and Tamanna Bhatia as the female leads, Ramya Krishnan, Kichaa Sudeep, Nasser  in supporting roles, Baahubali is something which every film buff is waiting to watch this weekend.

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The Online and Advance Ticket Booking opened a few days ago and in no time almost all the shows for the coming week are house full. Huge Queues are seen outside the theaters along the roads of Metropolitan cities like Hyderabad and Chennai.

bahubali poster 1
bahubali poster 1

The trailer of the movie was launched last month and the  Telugu and Hindi trailers crossed 1 million views each within 24 hours, and on Facebook the trailer crossed 1.5 million views, 300,000-plus likes, and 200,000-plus shares in 24 hours.

The music is composed by M.M Keeravani also known as M.M Kreem. The audio was launched last month and got huge appreciation from Fans and Critics.

The movie is primarily made in Telugu Language and will be released in  Tamil, Malayalam, Hindi, French and English. Not only Tollywood but the whole film industry is waiting to watch Baahubali.

rana daggubati

The shooting of the film started at Rock Gardens in Kurnool from 6 July 2013 exactly after a year from the release of Rajamouli’s Eega (2012). After several schedules in Ramoji Film City and many other places, the film was shot in 2013, 2014 and finally completed its shooting in the starting of 2015. The preproduction and VFX fixing took a lot of time.

tamanna avanthika

The wait finally seems to be over as the movie is hitting the theaters tomorrow. With a whopping budget of 2.5 Billion INR Baahubali is India’s richest and most expensive movie till date. Karan Johar of Dharma Productions attained the Hindi rights of the flick and is releasing it in Hindi.

This is just the first part of the Spectacular. The second part will hit the theaters in 2016.

anushka shetty

Why Should you watch Bahubali:

  • Baahubali is India’s most expensive film with high-quality graphics.  VFX is something which is given a high priority in this project.
  • It’s S.S Rajamouli! And every film he directs, its one of a kind. It’s huge this time and one cannot miss it.
  • Prabhas and Rana: Prabhas and Rana, the two people who brought a giant look to the flick and the two colliding each other will be something which is the biggest hype of the movie.
  • Action Sequences of the flick are eye treat to watch for the people who love fights. Remember Magadheera’s fight sequence? This time, it’s going to be 10 times greater.

Cast and Crew:

prabhas bahubali

Star Cast:

Prabhas Raju, Rana Daggubati, Anushka Shetty, Tamanna Bhatia, Nasser, Ramya Krishna, Satya Raj, Sudeep, Adavi Sesh,  Tanikella Bharani, Rohini, etc


S.S Rajamouli

Produced by:

  • Shobu Yarlagadda
  • Prasad Devineni

Screenplay by:

  • S. S. Rajamouli
  • Rahul Koda
  • Madhan Karky
  • Vijayendra Prasad

Story by:

V. Vijayendra Prasad

Music by:

M. M. Keeravani


K. K. Senthil Kumar

Edited by:

Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao

Distributed by:

Telugu: Arka Media Works
Tamil: Studio Green and UV Creations
Hindi: Dharma Productions
Malayalam: Global United Media

Release dates:

Part I Scheduled for, July 10, 2015


Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam.


2.5 billion (US$40 million)


King of Mahishmati, Amarendra Baahubali (Prabhas) and his wife Devasena (Anushka) ruled the kingdom, where people were living at peace and prosperity, until the cruel minister (Nasser) pair up with an evil king, Bhallaladeva and capture the kingdom by killing the king in a great war. Since the kingdom now belongs to Bhallaladeva. Baahubali’s son Shivudu who is secretly raised by his mother comes back to the rescue of the kingdom. Avantika is the love interest of Shivudu. Did Shivudu rescue the Kingdom? Did he get to marry Avantika? Watch the rest of the story in the theaters.

Take a deep breath and Brace Yourselves. Baahubali-The Beginning is hitting the screens tomorrow. Avoid Piracy, book tickets for yourselves in a nearby theater, get a popcorn tub and watch the spectacular flick on the screens.

Watch Baahubali-The Beginning Here:

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Prabhas: Prabhas carried the whole movie on his shoulders. With this movie, he proved what a kind of actor he is. It’s definitely a milestone in his whole career. We can’t wait to watch him in the second part.

Rana Daggubati: One of the major pillars of the film, the main negative lead Rana gave a new meaning to the term called the villain. He proved that he can do any kind of a role with ease and perfection.
Anushka: Anushka, unfortunately, doesn’t have much to play in the first part. But whatever she did, she did with awesomeness.

Tamannaah: Tamannaah brought the angelic look to the role avanthika and also she proved no one can excel the role of the diva except her.

Ramya Krishnan: It all starts with Sivagami, the epitome of justice. Ramya Krishna will not disappoint you at all with this flick. Her scenes are something which one cannot forget easily. She delivered a spectacular performance.
The rest of the cast including Nasser, Satya Raj, Rohini, Sesh Adivi, Kichcha Sudeep and others played did justice to their roles.

Plus points:
  • Prabhas and Rana’s stellar performance
  • Music and Background Score
  • Great Visual Effects
  • RajaMouli’s Direction
  • War sequences
Minus Points:
  • Not a new story
  • Confused Narration
  • Nothing so spectacular

Baahubali created a great hype across the country and its obvious that the expectations reached sky high. Though the movie is amazingly made with stellar performances, as Rajamouli fans, we expect more of him. Bahubali-The Beginning will not disappoint you anyway. Go with zero expectations and enjoy the visual treat.




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Its Really Great movie i think . We are giving 4 star out of 5 . i really like that kind of movies. Baahubali is the first movie that i like from south cinema.

If you watch Baahubali you are Bali…:( Low graphics quality.. Story
nil.. Like daily serial.. dialog’s not suited for Leader. Last 15
minutes you will feel like you are watching movie.. I don’t recommend
watching this move spending huge money.. rather than go to any
recreation center or park or Beach and spend that money for your family
instead of watching this move…

Low Graphics?? Did you see this movie in theatre or pirated copy??? Graphics and VFX are the highlight factors to this movie. “MAN… GIVE THIS MAN A MEDAL”

Worst movie :( Avoid it and watch jyothi lakshmi instead.People these days spend lot of money big director,big actor,big singer,big producer,big camera man….every thing is big….but where is the story??? where is the acting???and last but not least where is my money??? i want it back!!!!

Why they are not creating a new concept of fight scenes As they got 250 crores of budget they could do new Why to ripoff 300, red cliff, troy, Lord of the rings??? SS Rajamouli has to inspire the work of Hollywood creators not their scenes and remake it . We already enough watched these kind of war scenes and don’t want to see again in regional languages. As already the above said movies are available in regional languages

it didn’t look anything like those movies you mentioned. May be they used the same type of graphics but the movie has its own story, native creativity and beautiful scenes. Just because there is huge emphasis on war scenes doesn’t make it 300. Do you people even watch the movies or just comment blindly coz you are jelous pessimists.

Its Really Great movie i think . We are giving 4 star out of 5 . i really like that kind of movies. Baahubali is the first movie that i like from south cinema

really good and spectacular movie
once it has raised indian cinema standard to high because of war scenes
watch it and enjoyyyy

Comment: superb movie Rajamouli sir is great, i never seen this kind of movie in telugu industry south cinema, we are waiting for second part

it is a worst movie of this era…you dont have a taste…you tasteless fellow…not a single friend of mine liked this movie…what is there in this movie…even a small baby wont like this movie…

movie is only for Prabas and Rajamouli fans….not for every one….believe me you will end up with head ach….

Today i miss to see it,because all tickets are sold.but i got ticket for tomorrow.after watching ur CHATRAPATI ,i became ur FAN,but after BAHUBALI i am ur AC.LOVE U PRABHAS SIR

After watching ur CHATRAPATI,i became ur fan,after BAHUBALI i am sure i will become ur AC PRABHAS SIR,today i missed it because all ticket are sold out,but i booked for tomorrow’s evening u prabhas sir

Not a complete movie

First half is little slow….

Prabhas expression was not so impressive…
Tamana- brave women???? Lol!!!!!!

Anushka!!!!!! Omg…. missed ur performance in part 1….

2nd half was good… especially war sequence…..

Ramya krishnan stole the show!!!
Really great acting……

Over all it’s good

Bahubali is a monumental epic saga which has been served with grandeur, peppered with magnificent C.G.I & V.F.X., mind blowing action sequences, stunning visuals that boast of being wallpaper material ably backed up by some power packed performances making it a big screen watch.For my detailed review, please visit….

Dosta yaradru Karnataka davru nodidre elrappa enga aiti film…Sunday im also going to watch the movie…

Confuge story, endless cinema is not a cinema audience not happy at ending. Ramyakrishna, and Kalakeya costume and voice excellent.

Super movie no doubt
All we have to do is to go for the movie with less expectations
So that you can visualise it in epic
Go on frnds

pls go to movie with Zero expectations, and really u will get unbelivable experience, thanks to SS rajamouli PRABHAS, RANA , satyraj,

never see this type of cinema in indian film industry……every one should watch the movie definitely
thank you soooooooooomuch rajamouli sir for giving the cinema

every body talks about the story! I dont understand why do people comment like this when the complete story or the film has not been shown. any cinema has a story of a line what ever industry (including hollywood). the sequences and the emotions are concerned part. being indian, apart from our epics ramayana, mahabharata (even can have single line story when told!) there are great epic novels which might have chance to be visualized in future as this kind of director made the first step for us.

Keka cinema chudalanye bahubali ne chudali kallu chedirela graphics konda pina rajjayalu chepukuuntu pothe 36 5/5 points in my heart to give for bahubali

Honestly speaking it is below expectations and only for sake of the cast & crew hardwork, we could not say it is bad. Its really far below the expectations without proper plot and screen play. Just visual treat that all.

If Rajamouli would have been in Hollywood….people will go crazy abt him their…great effort…worth watching movie..

It’s not comlete movie but scenes are excellent ,,,,, yes !!! Thanks to s s rajamoulli for great baaaaahubali

It is a matter of deep concern that some so called fans of PRABHAS had offered a GOAT and slit it’s throat for the success of this film. What a ghastly and barbaric act. why not that inhuman fellow cut his hand so that the movie could run 1000 days. I pity this type of fans. They also offered litres of milk to the cutout of PRABHAS.( PALABHISHEKAM) . what a waste.. instead they could have offered that milk to poor babies. I know we can never change. All real fans of PRABHAS must condemn this type of uncivilised and primitive acts. namaste

Mr bhushan.
Before commenting. Think
Have you ever gave something to poor.
Do not expect from any one else if you yourself don’t do it.

It’s not complete movie but excellent movie for other south cinema industry movies. !!! I really thanks to rajamoulli ‘s baahubali team

Today i decided not to see the rating of wire website any more.
You are not the true fellows.
Any one who watches the movie (True Audience) will give 5 out of 5.

Even my self i am getting out of wire in FB so i will not get any untruth results or news.

really good and spectacular movie
once it has raised indian cinema standard to high because of war scenes
watch it and enjoyed movie really thanq to ss rajamouli garu ki ………….

Don’t compare with Holywood moives its
first movie in India with less cost they beautiful
go and watch and encourage indian films

Movie is outstanding and I look forward to watching Bahubali 2! I would like to give 4.5/5. Good job Mr.Rajamouli and team.

Excellent movie don’t do pirasi wonderful character by Prabhas anushka tamana and rana jai bhahuballi jai jai bhahuballi

Comment:I just say one word super mainly rajamouli gari taking and prabhas anushka tamannaha rana and the powerful shivagami as Ramyakrishna garu is excellent as shivagami and cinema was really excellent and waiting for part 2

Bahubali movie is an average movie………….and if they are allowing me to see second part free i will tell it is a great movie………waist of money by seeing bahubali…….its like TV serial……..we have to wait again one year to see the second part…………..its better all wait for some time and watch the movie in television and then go for theater to watch second part…………if your watching the movie now all of u will forget the story when second part coming……….so don’t go to theater to watch the movie now ( WAIST OF MONEY)

I dont understand how does this people trying to demortalize this movie by giving 3.5 start out of 5, ask any one individually see if they rate it below 4, your ratings are bogus!! movie is outstanding.
if you have half of mind to understanding it, we are helpless and you can continue giving it 3 we dont mind 😛 😛 😛 :)

Does not live up to the hype. I would not give more than 2.5 or 3 stars. I could have played age of empires on big screen and had better experience than watching this movie.
1. First half, clearly stretching the movie and totally boring. It is like they made the movie and then realized, ” oh crap, we have this big set, let us reuse and make more money. How can we do that? Oh easy, let’s us add some boring stuff in the beginning and move better stuff to part 2″.
2. Music sucks. Period. And item song with three ugly blondes makes it worst.
3. Graphics, clearly shows poor quality of work. Some scenes look like ” Mario brothers jumping”. When you spend so much money and key theme of the movie is greatest graphics, they have to be pixel perfect. They are far from it. Some scenes clearly are so disconnected that you realize they Stiched.
4. Parbas is not the right person for the movie. His dialogue delivery will put to sleep . If you have to do local dialect (first half) you have to be trained on it and make an effort to reflect that dialect. Everyone had great “Koya” dialect except lead actor. His delivery as knight is also average and does not excite.
5. Rayakrishna is great. She justified her role and could not have done better.
6. Rana was amazing. I wish they switched him to be lead.
7. Tamana is ok as actress, did what she could but no relevance for the plot, at least first part.
8. Anuskha was great probably more from her in second part.

All in all below average crappy movie for the hype.

Excellent movie in Indian History, every one must watch this move in theaters. every one did good job and they proved them self. Need to be release 2nd half also before this year end.

Prabhas bahubali I really enjoyed the movie……Excellent movie….Great !!!
Its an Awesome movie I”ll give it 5-5.

very bad movie….first half is boaring…second half incomplete…not at all satisfied with this movie…rajamouli dint live up to the hopes…

Parama chetta movie..waste of money. LOW Graphics quality… no story untill last 15 minutes… zero dialogs.. after spending this much money I got headache.. I won’t recommend any one to see this movie. It’s not worth.. better go for any recirculation with that money..

One of the best movie i never seen before. If this will continue…… i am sure one day we will beat Hollywood.thank u director ji full pais wasool movie.

superb movie i never seen this type of movie and the effects in the movie is superb. In tollywood nobody directed like this movie. Rajamouli done great job. everyone must see this movie and enjoy. Generally we get doudts because of not completion of movie. However this is superb movie. I give 10/10 rating for this movie.

Movie simply super……………………………….
Prabhas action is awesome and he looks very Impressive.

the movie was a crap.

– ramya could do better, rajamouli failed in extracting the best out of actors.
-> dialouges and expressions were half baked and look cheap.
-> war tactics look like a child’s play..
-> its like the entire movie was made just to boost the lead role.
–>tammana’s acting, expressions and personality least appreciable.
— why do people spend so much money and time on such a crap (both producers and viewers)
— music was shit…

i deserve my 3 hrs back

super movie
you can see they kept their life to show each and every minute of the movie
I give 5/5 rating

Bahubali movie is good. But In the acting Part was so week of Prabh, So I suggest in-future If make the part of this movie the Hero Will Be “Nikitin Dheer” chennai express (THANGABALI) is outstanding. Then movie collection is double.

Went for bahubali today…its a visual treat…amazing graphics…its a spectacular movie. I somehow never liked south Indian cinema which I often saw on my television but this was the first south Indian movie whose trailer was enchanting enough to drag me to the inox theatre near my house. Believe me, I made the right decision as I was floored by its cinematography. I am proud that there are some Indians down in south who know how to make a movie of international standards. The only minus was ….the story could have been better

This is really an osm movie…nd i just loved remya krishnan she is really suberb …nd the charater played by prabas it realy showed hw an actor is commited to his profession words d flm is dam powliiii padam(if v say in malayalam )

Ppl who all are posting negative comments …go get a life its an awesome movie…Nevertheless not to compared with any hollywood movie its India’s one of best movie produced.May you have seen enough of these in English movies…But we live in India and this is a treat for people who don’t watch english movies and yes none in bollywood or any other director even dared to do this so better thank S.S garu for givinv us such a treat also for the people who are commenting about their acting skills have you seen Anushka’s arundhathi?? Or have you ever watched any Rana’s or Prabha’s movie or have you seen any Female actor dancing like tamannah does…awesome movie awesome cast and awesome director

Ramyakrishnans costumes are just excellent and the movie has come out so well but there is no feel in the movie so give life to it. Tamannahs expressions and acting is very bad, she looks fair that’s all. Be very careful in doing the second part, waiting. This comment is not to hurt anyone and to make it even better in the next part..

It was awesome movie with good animation effect.
nothing is real in movie not even the fight which shows indian movie is going to touch the foot of hollywood now.
which is very good.
one thing i want to comment,
removing movie from torrentz or any other site from downloading is not a good way to earn more money.
have guts to earn money without any restriction.

this shows your movie have not guts to earn money without giving restriction to site from downloading..


Baahubali is a superb, awesome, great, fantastic etc. etc. movie. All the characters did a great job. Thanks to Mr. S.S. Rajamouli & Whole entire Team to give the world so nice and fabulous movie. The Hindi Songs I heard are so sweet. I pay a grand salute and respect to the entire team of Baahubali.
Every one can watch the movie with their family.
The people who didn’t like the movie, may check up their brain.

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