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Sonic Riders: Gravity, Vehicles, Multiplayer Info

by Shawn White (2007-09-02)

Publisher SEGA disclosed new information regarding the gravity mechanics, characters, vehicles and multiplayer in Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity.

Players will have 18 characters to choose from as they race through the game's 16 courses. All characters will have the ability to rack up Gravity Points through tricks and challenges. Players can manipulate gravity after accumulating a set number of Gravity Points, riding along walls as if they were part of the track and grinding on objects like cars for extra speed.

Zero Gravity will allow players to switch vehicles during gameplay. The normal air board, for instance, can transform into a motorcycle or hover craft. Players will be able to customize their vehicles as they see fit, which will be important towards discovering hidden routes.

Multiplayer in Zero Gravity will consist of three modes: Free Race, World Grand Prix and Survival. SEGA did not detail these modes explicitly, but did mention that Wii owners will also be able to download ghost data and race against top riders.

Stay with The Wiire as Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity races to its February 2008 release.