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Mario and Sonic Face-Off at the Olympics

by Shawn White (2007-03-28)

Nintendo and SEGA jointly announced Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games, a new Wii title that will see both iconic figures, and their respective casts, facing one another in various Olympic events.

"Mario and Sonic have been respectful rivals since the early days of video games," said Shigeru Miyamoto, senior managing director and general manager for Nintendo Entertainment Analysis and Development Division. "In fact, for a long time they have been discussing the possibility of one day competing against each other. Now that they have been given the perfect opportunity to meet at the Olympic Games, we may finally learn who is actually faster, Mario or Sonic?"

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Game events will take place in environments based on the official venues of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. Players will maneuver their characters with the Wii controller as they race down a 100m track, rally in table tennis, churn water in a swimming heat and more. Nintendo and SEGA did not mention the extent to which Wii's functionality will be incorporated.

A teaser Web site for the title can be found here.

Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games
marks the first time Nintendo and SEGA's mascots have appeared in a game together. The title is expected to release this holiday season.

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