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Wii News Channel to Launch Worldwide

by Eric Wright (2007-01-25)

Nintendo and the Associated Press (AP) have signed a two-year agreement which will allow the American news cooperative to provide news and photographs for the Wii News Channel, planned to release January 26.  Through this channel, users will be able to access content provided by the AP directly on their Wii consoles.

The free news channel will offer AP news in multiple languages, including: English; French; Spanish; Dutch; German; and Swiss-German. Japanese-language news will be provided by Japanese news agency Goo.

"It's a very innovative new application of what we're doing generally, which is to try to get our content to new audiences on new platforms," said Jane Seagrave, Associated Press vice president of new media markets.

Those familiar with the Wii Channel menu should expect an interface similar to the Wii Forecast Channel, said Nintendo of America Vice President of Marketing and Corporate Communication Perrin Kaplan. The Forecast Channel was introduced December 19. Users of the Forecast Channel access worldwide meteorological data by manipulating a virtual globe.

"The beauty of [the News Channel's interface] is it zooms in and out of areas of the world," Kaplan said. "So if you really want to focus on regional news or national news versus international, you just blow up the map of the U.S."

The Wiire will continue to provide the latest news pertaining to Nintendo's newest console.