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Tecmo to "Aggressively" Support VC

by Shawn White (2006-08-29)

According to the company's latest financial report released yesterday, publisher Tecmo plans to "aggressively" support Wii's Virtual Console download service.

Despite not specifying what titles it aims to provide for Virtual Console, Tecmo maintains a number of potentially downloadable classic games, such as Tecmo Bowl and the original Ninja Gaiden. Additionally, the company made no mention of support for other game download services such as Xbox Live Arcade or GameTap.

Tecmo, established in 1967, is the developer and publisher of franchises such as Dead or Alive, Tokobot and Ninja Gaiden. Super Swing Golf Pangya is Tecmo's first Wii game, slated for a Q1 2007 release in North America. For more information and media on that title, please visit The Wiire's respective game page.

The Wiire will keep you updated on Virtual Console announcements.