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Mizuguchi Talks Rez Sequel, Wii

by Terrell Chambers (2006-05-16)

In an interview conducted at E3 with gaming Web site Eurogamer, Q Entertainment's Tetsuya Mizuguchi discussed the future of his company, including his thoughts on Wii and a possible sequel for a few of his Sega-published rhythm franchises.

Mizuguchi confirmed that he has future plans for Nintendo's next console and shared his opinion of the platform. "Nintendo Wii is very interesting, a very special controller, a very original style," he said. "Too special, maybe, if you want to make the game not only [for] Wii, but for other platforms, because you want to give the game the best chance. I'm really interested in the style, though."

"At my stage," Mizuguchi explained, "I'm watching what's happening in the future, planning how to combine the music, the visualisation, the futuristic - a Rez kind of experience."

When questioned on the possibility of a return of Rez, the synaesthesia shooter franchise, Mizuguchi said, "I'm currently seriously considering it. It's always there. I'm always thinking about it. [Grinning] Also Space Channel 5."

The full interview can be found here.

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