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Is Rogue Squadron Coming to Wii?

by Andrew Clark (2008-10-08)

In the mood to try and fly an X-Wing on the Wii? Perhaps you're more in the mood to fly a Rebel Snowspeeder and trip up an AT-AT with its tow cables (as frustrating as that is to do). Well, you may not need to wait for too long, as there is a newly found rumor thanks to EGM (via Joystiq).

According to their rumor mill, LucasArts has licensed out the Rogue Squadron trilogy that came out on the Nintendo 64 and Nintendo GameCube. Whoever they licensed the games out to will enhance the graphics, and update them for the current generation, as well as add Wii controls.

Word on the street is development may be taken care of by Nintendo itself. Could this be?