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Nintendo Won't Slow Down This Holiday Season

by Mike Suszek (2008-10-08)

Fortune Magazine's Techland Blogs reported Monday that Nintendo plans to increase its shipment of Wii consoles by 50% and DS systems by 10% for this holiday season. At the current rate, Nintendo sold 4.5 million Wiis in the United States alone from January to August of this year.

During last year's holiday stampede to buy Nintendo goods, the company sold 2.85 million Wiis and 4.5 million DS handhelds. Nintendo also claims that roughly half of its sales come from October through December, the holiday buying period. Fortune's Yi-Wyn Yen put the software side into a bit more perspective for us by noting that "Nintendo will debut more than 200 games for both gaming platforms this fall."

NoA President Reggie Fils-Aime clarified with Fortune the same dreams Nintendo has had the past few holiday seasons, noting, "[Nintendo's] hope is that by next week, the Friday after Thanksgiving, and on Dec. 23, you'll be able to find a Wii."

Now, whether any of Nintendo's attempts will have any affect on Wii and DS shortages is up in the air. On the retail side of things, most stores won't be successful in keeping Wiis on the shelves until they create more shelf space. However, with Microsoft's recent price gouge on the Xbox 360, we may see more Nintendo availability this season. Additionally, with the looming prospect of the DSi coming "well into 2009," many may pass on the DS Lite this season since it will begin to feel obsolete. Even Nintendo claiming the DSi as a separate platform likely won't impact that trend in thought, especially with the Game Boy Micro fresh in our minds

We can also assume that Nintendo's 200 games being debuted this fall could include WiiWare and possibly Virtual Console titles. Regardless, the ratio of 90% casual titles to 10% non-casual likely still stands. Even so, Nintendo will continue to boom. It's 2008 fiscal year saw a 48% profit increase to $2.6 billion.  With the software lineup looking like it is, my guess is that this will be the first holiday season that will keep Wiis on the store shelves.