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Nintendo Continues Its Secrecy

by Andrew Clark (2008-10-07)

Nintendo has never been a company that is open to sharing its secrets. Often working in complete secrecy (see Disaster Day of Crisis), it leaves fans to wonder if games are even in existence. It also allows Nintendo to surprise the pants off of its fans.

Recently MTV sat down with JC Rodrigo who now works in the Treehouse Division of Nintendo of America. They specifically asked him about what it was like to first start working there, and translating games. He responded in a rather typical Nintendo fashion (Meaning he said little to nothing helpful at all). More specifically, he had this to say,

"Umm, I'll say it was exciting but I can't tell you what it was," he said. "Because I looked around and basically, I said to my boss, 'Really? Are you serious?!' and he said 'Yeah, I'm not kidding.' So, I'm like 'oooookay!' [laughs] So I started doing...something. Something exciting and something unexpected - something completely unexpected."

Any guesses to what this cryptic response could possibly mean?