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Who's Up for Some RPGin'?

by Andrew Clark (2008-10-05)

Are you one of those Nintendo fans who are disappointed in the RPG offerings the Wii has made to you so far? Well XSEED Games (bringing Rune Factory Frontier to Wii) is offering yet another chance for RPG fans' mouths to water.

Coming from a PSP release early last year, XSEED is bringing Valhalla Knights to the Wii. Although it only received mediocre reviews in its PSP release, XSEED is modifying the game and elements, such as a fancy Wi-Fi co-op capability.

For those not familiar with the PSP game, players chose from five different races, and did the things any good RPG has you do, that is,  fighting monsters. There was also a level of customization with subclasses and weapons.

The game is still in production, and there is still a decent way to go yet. Look for a release sometime in 2009.

Via Joystiq