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Wii Sports is More Fit than Wii Fit

by Andrew Clark (2008-07-22)

Have you been spending hours a day working out with Wii Fit, attempting to build enough arm strength to do twenty pushups and side-planks? Well according to fit gamer over at GamePeople, you have not only been wasting your time, but your money as well. After performing a rather extensive look into Wii Sports, it is in his opinion that Wii Sports does a better job both with the training and with the fitness tests than Wii Fit does. Claiming that the fun factor is more present in Wii Sports, it will keep you coming back as opposed to Wii Fit which will simply burn you out. He also did add that Wii Sports is by no means a substitution for actual exercise.

What do you guys think, does he have a point?