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Last Flight to Land on WiiWare

by Shawn White (2008-03-24)

Developer Blobber Team announced the development of Last Flight for WiiWare today.

Although not expected to be released until Q1 2009, initial details pin the game as a third-person action title. Players will assume the role of a "culinary critic" forced to fight vampires while on board a plane.

These children of the night can be fought with weapons like meat cleavers, a whip and stakes. The latter will feature into gameplay prominently, with players able to craft stakes from items found on the plane, although only four stakes can be carried at a time.

Last Flight will utilize cel-shading, similar to games like The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker for GameCube. Whether or not this visual style is intended to reflect a humorous atmosphere is unknown.

The Wiire will have more on Last Flight as we pick up details from the black box.