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Rock Band Jamming on to Wii this June

by Christopher Holzworth (2008-03-24)

Harmonix, MTV Games, and Electronics Arts revealed today the June 22 release date for Rock Band on Wii. For anyone unfamiliar, the Rock Band phenomena is best described as Guitar Hero to the fourth power, supporting not only guitar and bass play but also vocals and drums.

"The Wii's success among casual and core gamers of all ages makes it an ideal match for the cross-generational appeal of the music featured in Rock Band," said Vice President of Electronic Games and Interactive Products, MTV, Bob Picunko.

Wii owners can expect a "Special Edition" version of Rock Band that will include the game, microphone, drums and one wireless guitar at an MSRP of 169.99 USD. Gamers will apparently not have to connect their Wii Remote to the instruments.

The game will also be available separate from the bundle, and the instruments available for individual purchase on the same day for gamers looking for assumble Rock Band piecemeal.

The Wii version will additionally boast five bonus songs, bringing the tracklist total to 63. Online play, downloadable content, custom character tools, Mii support and compatability with Guitar Hero III's controller will not be available. 480p and Dolby Pro Logic II will be supported, however.

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