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News Archives - December 2007

icon Game, Set, Wii MotionPlus
EA Sports looks to create a new tennis franchise.

icon Cammie Dunaway: Nintendo Disappointed With E3
Share Our Disappointment Nintendo.

icon The Wiire Podcast 109
James wrestles a bear.

icon Australia Rates Disaster: Day of Crisis
Could there be signs of life?

icon MotionPlus Creator: We Are Not Exclusive to Nintendo
InvenSense says they're willing to use MotionPlus with other companies.

icon It's Raining Plastic
Iwata says a peripheral slowdown is on the horizon.

icon The Wiire Podcast 108
With special guest George Walker from Aeropause.com

icon Virtual Console Mega Man Mania
Original game to hit VC on August 4th, September release for Mega Man 9.

icon Satoru Iwata Owes Wii Owners His Job
Without them, he was afraid he'd get fired.

icon The Wiire Podcast 107
Ian, Chris, and Scott form an intimate panel

icon Red Steel 2 in the Works
And with MotionPlus no less!

icon Man-Bat Joins Already Packed Cast
Lego Batman makes room for one more.

icon 2D Castlevania May Be Headed To WiiWare
Depends on how well a certain other retro game sells.

icon GTA Wii to Follow DS Version?
The DS exclusive may lead to more auto theft on Nintendo systems in the future.

icon Iwata 'Sorry' About E3 Conference
Nintendo president apologizes for not bringing more smiles to more faces.

icon Nintendo Controllers Get a Ban
A Texas judge to issue the ban soon.

icon Wii Sports is More Fit than Wii Fit
Or so says one fit gamer.

icon The Wiire Podcast 106
Special Guest: Stephen Munn from AeroPause

icon Sonic and the Black Knight Revealed
Cover of next month's Nintendo Power reveals a new Wii exclusive.

icon The Wiire Podcast 105
An extended panel shares their impressions of E3.

icon Release Your Inner Cowboy
Wild West Guns is shooting its way onto WiiWare

icon Miyamoto Confirms Pikmin For Wii
Just when things were winding down.

icon Miyamoto is the Master of Vague
Game creator drops hints of Pikmin, DS Mario, and a new Mario Galaxy.

icon Zelda Wii Game Progressing
No details on anything, though. Who do you think Miyamoto is!?

icon Kid Icarus Almost Confirmed
Miyamoto spills one rather large bean here.

icon Miyamoto Comments on Wii Storage Solution
Nothing yet, but maybe soon.

icon Dead Rising Announced for Wii
An Xbox 360 port, but it's hardcore!

icon No Earthbound in Development
What were you expecting? MOTHER 4!?

icon Wii Sports Resort Announced
Wii Sports takes a trip to the beach.

icon Animal Crossing: City Folk Revealed
Life moves at a relaxed pace.

icon Ultimate Wii MotionPlus FAQ
Everything you need to know about Wii MotionPlus

icon Wii Speak Announced
Nintendo goes above and beyond with this community microphone.

icon Nintendo at E3 -- With The Wiire
The official news post for Nintendo's press conference.

icon The Wiire Podcast 104
One more podcast before this year's E3.

icon Nintendo Announces Wii MotionPlus
True 1:1 control is now a reality.

icon Shake Wario All You Want in September
Wario Land: The Shake Dimension European release date announced.

icon Mega Man 9 Extravaganza
New trailer, new game on other networks, old games on Virtual Console.

icon Mega Man 9 to feature DLC
Downloadable content: soon to make Mega Man more mega!

icon "Mothership" Tales Title Announced
Fiscal 2009 is the time. The place? Wii.

icon Activison Announces
New brand to focus on titles designed specifically for Wii.

icon Mark Rein: Not Enough Water in Wii's Well
Don't expect Epic Games to make ANY games for Wii.

icon More Castlevania Judgment Details
Konami further details their surprise fighting game.

icon The Wiire Podcast #103
The panel talks about new Wii games

icon Square Enix Announces DLC for WiiWare
Download some extra content for Crystal Chronicles.

icon Wario Land: Shake It! Gameplay Footage
See the first gameplay video of Wario's latest 2D adventure.

icon Wii Would Like To All-Play
EA Sports announces new All-Play games.

icon Prepare Food Like Never Before
A New Cooking Mama is on the way, this time in 3D.

icon Sakurai Had 'A Lot More Characters' Planned For Brawl
Because nearly 40 of them weren't enough.

icon The Wiire Podcast #102
Ian, Chris and Scott talk everything Wii

icon Wii Owners Finally Will Get An RPG
Too bad it is only Japanese Wii owners.

icon Chrono Trigger Heads to Nintendo DS
Square-Enix furthers itself as king of DS RPGs.

icon Ready To Break Some Records?
Warner Brothers prepares to help you do so.

icon EA Sports Prepares to Market Peripherals
EA attempts to make sports games that much more realistic.

icon The Screenshot That Changed It All
For Castlevania fans anyway.

icon It Must Be a Mad Mad World
Check out this preview of the ultra-violent new Wii game.

icon An Ultimate Band Preview
Why Disney Interactive Studio's rhythm game is different from the others.

icon The Wiire Podcast #101
Ian, James, Chris, Andrew and Scott talk Wii

icon Has Guitar Hero Found a Wii Storage Solution?
Do not overlook the SD card.

icon Learn History and Save Your Life All At Once!
Escape the Museum announced for the Wii.

icon Your New Fitness Ultimatum
Jillian Michaels looks to follow up on the success of Wii Fit.

icon Wii Shop Channel Slowing In New Releases
It's not just you, there really isn't much new to buy.

icon Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Lightsaber Duels Announced
Wii finally gets its lightsaber game. Sort of.

icon Ubisoft Seeks to Follow EA
Ubi opens new branch for casual games development.

icon Nintendo: 'Core' Gamers Will Be Happy With E3 '08
Nintendo looks to make good with everybody come this July.

icon A New WiiWare Game Announced From Vitei
1080 developer goes to work on a WiiWare game that will use the balance board.

icon Wii Fit Balance Board Hacked For PC Games
Peripheral offers new control options for World of Warcraft and Audiosurf.

icon Nintendo 'Working On' An Answer To Storage Problem
According to your new favorite Nintendo of Europe representative.

icon Intellisponse Leaks Rumored Titles
A boatload of new games brainstormed for the Wii.

icon Obama Mario '08?
Has Barack Obama found his running mate?

icon Hockey Fans and Canadians Assemble!
2K looks to pioneer hockey on the Wii.

icon Beer Pong Draws Criticism Over Rating
Organizations and community groups started a petition for a re-rating.

icon Nintendo Sues Nyko Over Wireless Nunchuk
Or "Nunchuck", if you're going by Nyko's spelling.

icon Strange Trailer Debuts Wii Move
New WiiWare game to use the balance board.

icon May's NPD: Rematch!
Two of April's heavy hitters duked it out again. Which one came out on top?

icon Another King to Rule the Wii
Little King's Story finds a pair of US developers.

icon Lock 'n Load with The Conduit Early 2009
High Voltage Software's high profile shooter looms on the horizon.

icon Gamers File Class Action Lawsuit Against EA
Plaintiffs accuse EA of taking unfair actions to eliminate competition in the sports market.

icon Will Nintendo announce a new game with new characters?
A few things are pointing toward 'Yes at E3!'

icon Swing Mario Swing!
An upcoming Mario baseball title comes home this fall.

icon Capcom Community Specialist: Wii Support Is Coming
Wondering why it hasn't come sooner? So is Capcom.

icon Capcom USA Twice Declines Resident Evil 0 Port
Reading between the lines: enough is enough.

icon Bond With Dad on Father's Day While Playing Smash Bros!
Nintendo will hold a Smash tourny on Father's Day.

icon Aero Guitar Headed to Japanese WiiWare This Summer
Japan gets all of the cool stuff.

icon Nintendo Europe: Only Nerds Need Storage
Usually the same type of nerds that read video game websites.

icon Nintendo Sponsors 'Get Fit With Alyson'
If getting fit just isn't your thing, Alyson Stoner will make it your thing.

icon Facebook App Makes Adding Wii Friends Easier
Two vastly different networks reach across the centuries to work together.

icon Street Fight IV Possible For Wii, Don't Bet On It
Why does Capcom do this to us?!

icon Strong Bad's Cool Game Gets Uncool Delay
And it's all Strong Sad's fault.

icon Former LucasArts Employee Outlines Company Projects
A laid-off developer says what LucasArts won't.

icon Rune Factory Discovers New Frontier On Wii
Set to sail this fall in Japan.

icon More Rumortastic Castlevania Murmerings
Good news to come this fall? Pray, people!

icon Small Dev: 'WiiWare Is A Lie'
Nintendo's developer-friendly image might not be entirely true.

icon Wii is a Commercial Success
Nintendo's marketing wins an award.

icon What Was Cut From BlastWorks
The game's developers outline what couldn't make it into the already-packed game.

icon Naruto: Clash of Ninja Revolution 2 Announced
Get ready to clash with ninja all over again.

icon Monsters and Aliens and Skateboards oh my!
EA builds, or destroys rather, a new city for Skate It.

icon New Details on 'Quantum of Solace' Game
When playing a Bond game on the Wii, remember: shake, don't stir.

icon Tenchu 4 Sneaking Onto Wii
No system is safe from From Software's ninja wrath.

icon Capcom Announces Wii Exclusive: Spyborgs
Good news for Wii owners from CAPTIVATE08.

icon 100 WiiWare Games On The Way
Not all at once, of course.

icon Atlus Announces Dokapon Kingdom
Prepare yourself for this year's hottest board game/RPG.

icon WiiWare/VC Update: Protothea, Toki Tori, Ninja Combat
Spaceships, ducks, and ninjas assault the Wii Shop Channel this week.

icon Mario Kart Wii Tourney Contains New Arena
What other secrets are still hidden on the game disc?

icon Let's Party...With Babies?
Release your inner baby!

icon IGN Gets Fit
Does Wii Fit Actually Provide a Decent Workout?

icon Lessons Learned From LostWinds
What can a WiiWare title teach us about game design?

icon Harmonix: 'Streamlined' Rock Band For Wii 'Not An Afterthought'
The developer discusses its plans for the Wii version of the hit music maker.

icon New Wario Land Shake Details Emerge
Bonus: Scans of Wario Land, Fatal Frame IV

icon Deca Sports Sequel Confirmed for Wii
Ten more sports on a single disc heading your way...whenever Hudson Soft has completed it!

icon Nintendo Takes Well-Deserved Month Off
Nintendo of America has no plans to release any Wii or DS games during June.

icon Tom Clancy's EndWar Inspired By Mario Kart
Our intelligence shows that the enemy is in possession of...blue shells.

icon James Patterson Big On Wii
Best-selling author still hip to the scene.

icon Sim City Wii Details Emerge
Creating culturally-diverse cities comes to the Wii.

icon Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party Announced
And people said rabbits couldn't achieve entertainment domination.

icon Something Strange in the Neighborhood
Who You Gonna Call? Ghostbusters!

icon New Nintendo Titles Revealed, Confirmed
How do Wario Land and Fatal Frame on the Wii sound?

icon Mega Jams
Meet a devoted video game cover band.

icon Helix to groove onto WiiWare
Take a hike, Wii Fit!

icon New York Times has one on one with Miyamoto
Feel like knowing everything the man himself has done and then some?

icon Square Enix Announces Soul Eater For Wii
Anime adaptation will provide some soul food for your Wii.

icon McGee Likes the Wii
American McGee praises Nintendo on its ability to attract new gamers.

icon WiiWare/VC Update: Dr. Mario, Family Table Tennis, City Connection, Metal Slug
Two games each on WiiWare and Virtual Console this week.

icon Nintendo Nabs 4th On BusinessWeek's 'InfoTech 100'
They'll always be first on our list.

icon Clear the Table, It's Time For Beer Pong
Bring frat parties home this June.

icon EA Sports: Hardcore Fans Are Important To Us
Sports fans need not worry about games being dumbed down.

icon The Never Announced Katamari Is Cancelled
The King of All Cosmos is devastated.

icon DDR Hottest Party 2 Promises Mii Support
Finally see yourself as the life of the party.

icon Wii Breathes Life into Forgotten Xbox Game
Nintendo seeks to teach an old game new tricks.

icon Ellen Fans Get Wii Fit For Free, You Don't
But are prizes really worth watching daytime talk shows?

icon Wireless Nunchuk Options Surface
Two companies offer two different options for gamers ready to cut the cord.

icon Wii Software Sells Like Hot Cakes
Crushing even the PS2's numbers.

icon Guitar Hero Looks to Add Downloadable Content
Activision confirms, but remains vague as to what form it will take.

icon The Wii is for the Hardcore
Or so says Cammie Dunaway.

icon Wii Wheel Training Contraption
Need a little help driving between the lines?

icon Square Enix Launches Everyone's Kingdom
New website-game complements My Life as a King.

icon Igarashi On Wii Remote Whipping
Castlevania producer still feels the action would be "tiring".

icon Tetris and Bomberman Details
Rather interesting details, at that...

icon Top 5 Worst Wii Games?
They can't all be winners. Here are some definite losers.

icon Details on Blast Works' Custom-Creation Sharing System
Majesco's upcoming side-scrolling shooter could last longer than any other.

icon NintenMMO?
Could there be a Nintendo MMO on the way?

icon Wii Fit Launches in NYC
The true definition of what the Wii is has been proven yet again.

icon Hudson's Tetris May Use Balance Board
Lean those pieces into place!

icon Wii Fit Launch Pushed Back To Tomorrow
Just one more day of regular exercise!

icon Nintendo Bans Hitler From Mario Kart Wii
Also requests that any references to Mario Kart be removed from Mein Kampf.

icon Sega Talks Platinum Games and Franchises
Will MadWorld still feel fresh the third or fourth time around?

icon WiiWare Developer Proposes Pokemon MMO
Nintendo's likely response: "Nnooo"

icon New DS Band Brothers Uses Wii 'Speaker Channel'
If the music game reaches North America, it could bring a new channel with it.

icon Wii Fit Q&A
Shigeru Miyamoto talks Wii Fit.

icon A Celebration of Major League Eating: The Game
Save room for the watermelon!

icon Link Cameos in "American Teen"
...And then things get a little weird.

icon WiiWare/VC Update: Critter Round-Up, Star Soldier R, Skykid
Starting this week, Nintendo makes Mondays twice as fun.

icon Konami Throws An Even Hotter Hottest Party
Will it be the hottest of them all?

icon Day of Crisis Disastrously Delayed
Alliteration is fun!

icon Lost in Blue Announced For Wii
In case you missed out the first three times, now's your chance to get lost.

icon The Conduit Joins the Wii Shooter Ranks
Metroid Prime and Medal of Honor: Meet a new challenger for Wii FPS supremacy.

icon Shake those Maraca Sleeves!
Sega looks into possible peripherals for Samba De Amigo maracas.

icon Breaking: LucasArts Parts Ways With ESA
But will still participate in E3.

icon Help Wanted: Wii Fit Launch Party In NYC
Nintendo in need of a few good (looking) women.

icon Hasbro Family Game Night Announced For Wii
Shake the remote to flip the board over in anger.

icon April's NPD: Grand Theft Mario Kart
April went out with a bang as each console found itself with a million-seller.

icon Nintendo World Store Stops Taking Wii Fit Pre-Orders
Add Nintendo itself to the list of sellers who are sold out of Wii Fit before release.

icon Expert Calls Wii Fit Bad For Children
Game faithfully recreates experience of using gym as well as locker room.

icon Check Out Strong Bad In Action
And read some details on the first episode, mebbe?

icon Nintendo Europe: No Such Thing As Casual Gaming
You could have a "core gamer" in your house and not even know it. Read the warning signs!

icon New Eternal Darkness in the Works?
A "Strong Chance" of losing your sanity once again.

icon MySims Goes Medieval
Sequel to hit this fall.

icon Platinum Games' First Titles Revealed
Clover is back, and has laid its cards on the table.

icon Nintendo Million In the Hole
Due to lost legal battle over controller tech.

icon Squeezably Huggable Mario Plushies!
How have we survived so long without 'em?

icon New Level-5 Franchise Console-Bound
The question is, will it be for Wii?

icon Dyack Talks Video Game Success
Key lies in storytelling.

icon Wii Shortage Not Part of a Diabolical Scheme
According to NoA's Dervin Camden.

icon Nintendo's Looking Into Wii Storage Options, But Not Into Demos
You may not be able to download demos, but at least you'll have enough room for it if you could.

icon Skate It Controls Explained
Find out how you'll perform tricks with the Remote, Nunchuk, and Balance Board.

icon New Alpha Console
...and it's not made by Sony or Microsoft

icon European WiiWare Launch Lineup Looks Bigger And Better
The European launch will come a little later, but will have more games to show for it.

icon Square Enix: WiiWare Size Limit No Problem
The legendary RPG company apparently had no trouble crafting a miniature epic.

icon LostWinds To Soar Again
This has got to be a record.

icon We Ski Sweepstakes
Everyone likes free stuff.

icon Wii Fit Hits Time Square
Tacos, Cheeseburgers, and Wii Fit?

icon "Unleashed" Bestest Star Wars Game Ever!
Well, according to one of LucasArt's producers.

icon Rogue Trooper Will Be Ported To Wii
The 2006 third-person shooter gets an unexpected revival.

icon Developers Sound Off On WiiWare
Devs behind LostWinds, Strong Bad, and Major League Eating share their opinions on the service.

icon Miyamoto: America Has Always Been Better At Creating Unique Products
Nintendo's mastermind shows some love to Western devs.

icon VC Update: No Virtual Console This Week...
...instead, WiiWare launches!

icon Sierra Announces New Mummy Game
Tomb of the Dragon Emperor will accompany a new movie in the Mummy series.

icon New MLB Power Pros
Stealing Home This Summer

icon ESRB Rates "Space Invaders" For Wii
Are you ready to Get Even?

icon Awesome Words About Strong Bad
Lead designer Mark Darin tells some tales.

icon Skate Coming To Wii As Skate It
Wii, DS version will be a spinoff of last year's Xbox 360/PS3 original.

icon Microsoft Competes With Wii Fit For Fitness Gaming Spotlight
What will you play on National Family Fitness Day?

icon Iwata Asks: A Link to the...Future?
They sent machines back to kill us. We sent Link forward to stop them.

icon FaceBreaker Dev Claims Wii Version Will Be 'No Port'
Upcoming boxing game will be substantially different from Xbox 360 and PS3 versions.

icon Nintendo Channel Requires Usage Data
If you want to download DS demos, anyway.

icon More Kid Icarus Wii Rumormongering
Matt Casamassina gets fan's hopes up.

icon Wii Chef Robot
Let the Wii be your own personal chef!

icon Mario Leaves Plumbing to Pursue Artistic Passion
Who knew Mario could be so rebellious?

icon Dr. Mario Checking Into WiiWare
No sign of a release date, however.

icon Hiroshi Yamauchi Richest Man In Japan
Former Nintendo president and chairman rolls large.

icon Wii Fit Calls Skinny Kiddie Fat
Ruining self-esteem since 2008.

icon Get Fit By Pole Dancing
This is exactly what Nintendo needs to follow up Wii Fit with.

icon Colin Reed Departs Nintendo
Key programmer defects to Microsoft after 11 years of service.

icon Let's Get Fit. Wii Fit.
New Yorkers! Come check out Wii Fit on May 19.

icon The Great WiiWare Title Mystery
It's like not knowing whether your kid is a boy or a girl 'til birth!

icon Wii Homebrew Channel
We don't condone emulation. But we do talk about it.

icon Warming Up For Wii Fit
Let's Meet up at WiiWorths. It's next to Macy's.

icon VC Update: Renegade Pokemon Puzzles
Renegade and Pokemon Puzzle League added to VC.

icon VC Update: Yoshi's Cookie & Bases Loaded
2 NES Titles Ready for Download

icon Sam & Max On Wii? Confirmed!
Telltale Game's episodic adventure series coming to Nintendo Wii.

icon Chocobo's Dungeon Releasing July 8
Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon, that is.

icon VC Update: Cruis'n USA and Wonderboy
Cruise around, wonderfully.

icon Win Some Worms
Courtesy of the good folks over at THQ.

icon Last Flight to Land on WiiWare
Vampires on a plane!

icon VC Update: King's Knight, Powerball
Anyone else smell a word play?

icon Rock Band Jamming on to Wii this June
No DLC, Miis or online play, though.

icon My Life as a King: Four Ways to Play
Flagship WiiWare title pulls a Brawl.

icon Doodle Hex Sketches Onto Wii
Magic waggling ahoy!

icon Shake the Heavens In Sky Crawlers
Popular Japanese novel comes to life on Wii.

icon Peter Moore: Eight Games for Wii
That's a lot of nuts!

icon Crystal Bearers Still Alive, Bears Some Relation to Ring of Fates
The mystery around the Wii game continues.

icon February NPD Numbers
The Nintendo Strikes Back

icon NA VC Update: Spelunker, Super R-Type
Explore caves or explore the universe.

icon Fils-Aime: Nintendo has Big Plans for E3
Major announcements to be made this July.

icon First WiiWare Microtransactions Revealed
Want extras? You'll need to pay extra.

icon Spogs Racing to Feature Episodic Content
Downloads for your download.

icon New Bomberman Revealed for Japan
Classic Bomberman with Wi-Fi play.

icon New Boom Blox Information Breaks
EGM's latest issue has the scoop.

icon Eidos to Bring Wacky Races to Wii
1960s cartoons do not stay in the 1960s.

icon Fragile Gameplay Details Appear
An actually good use for the Wii Remote speaker?

icon Three WiiWare Titles Revealed for Japan
Tetris Online will release worldwide, however.

icon Iron Chef to Cook Supreme Cuisine on Wii
Cooking Mama put on notice.

icon NA VC Update: DoReMi Fantasy, Puyo Puyo 2
Fresh imports from Japan for your Monday.

icon Super Smash Bros... Broke?
A small percentage of gamers left Brawl-less; Nintendo has a solution.

icon Deadly Creatures Gameplay, Story Detailed
Fight to survive in 10 buggy chapters.

icon Diabolik: The Original Sin to Corrupt Wii
Based on hit comic book series.

icon We Love Golf! to Receive Online Play
Other tweaks in graphics, swing speed, too.

icon Next Arthur Films to Adventure on Wii
Set for Holiday 2009 and 2010.

icon SPOGS Racing to Crash WiiWare
Ram opponents to take their parts.


icon THQ Pep Talks Wii with All-Star Cheerleading
Will support Balance Board, also.

icon WayForward Shedding LIT on WiiWare
Mixing horror, puzzles and high school.

icon Mario Kart Wii Online Details Revealed
Shocker: Friend lists take Friend Codes!

icon Nintendo of Canada, EB Games Join for Brawl Tournament
Starting this April. Details inside.

icon Wii Freeloader Makes Import Gaming Easy
Cats and dogs living together, mass hysteria!

icon Namco Bandai Localizing Family Ski
Name changed to We Ski.

icon VC Update: Super Turrican
Just one for America today.

icon Major League Eating to Gobble WiiWare
Gorge yourself with a friend or online.

icon Defend Your Castle at WiiWare Launch
Flash game remade for Wii, 500 Wii Points.

icon Disney and Wii Jam to Ultimate Band
Like Rock Band, geared towards Disney demographic.

icon Capcom Porting Resident Evil 0 to Wii
Apparently Umbrella Chronicles didn't cover it.

icon Crystal Chronicles WiiWare North America Release, Price Revealed
Square-Enix whispers exclusively to The Wiire.

icon Wii Menu Update: Updating Updates.
An update on... updates? Come again?

icon VC Update: Kirby 64, Psychosis
Nintendo continues to release games in pairs.

icon Nintendo to Add Pay and Play to Wi-Fi
Some games will be free; others will not.

icon THQ Reveals Big Beach Sports
People play bocce and cricket at the beach?

icon Plattchen twist 'n' paint Details Revealed
100 levels, and DK Bongo support? Believe it.

icon GDC 08: LostWinds to Stir Up WiiWare
The power of wind in your hands. Literally.

icon Line Rider Wii Still in Development
Developer aiming for Summer 2008 release.

icon GDC 08: WiiWare, Wii Fit Dated; Balance Board to See Further Support
Under 100 dollars for Wii Fit in North America.

icon Mario Kart: Koopa Troopa, Mii Spectators
More fun than a monkey on a motor bike.

icon Blue Fang Games Announces New IP
Zoo Tycoon Developer Teams Up with THQ Again.


icon Guitar Hero: Aerosmith to Rock Wii in June
Do you have the rockin' lips for this game?

icon Death Jr. to Root Out Evil on Wii
Modified, enhanced version of 2006 PSP game.

icon THQ to Unleash Deadly Creatures
The exclusive Wii journey of a scorpion and tarantula. Yes, you read that correctly.

icon NCAA Football 09 to Tackle Wii
Vote for the box cover mascot!

icon EA Planning MySims Kingdom, MySims Party
Three million units shipped means sequels.

icon EA Bringing Two Hasbro Games to Wii
Cute pets or NERF action. Pick a side.

icon VC Update: Harvest Moon, Lords of Thunder
Second month of the year, second week of the month, two games - possible theme?

icon Tales of Symphonia Sequel Coming to America
Nintendo Power reveals new details and subtitle, Dawn of the New World.

icon Lego Indiana Jones Detailed
A parody of the three original films.

icon THQ to Bring Band Mashups to Wii
Musical combat, with a switching twist.

icon Mario Kart Wii: Baby Peach, Miis and More
Online rankings, battle mode, the works.

icon VC Update: Operation Wolf, Columns III
Take down terrorists or shiny gems.

icon Rock Band Confirmed for Wii
When can you join the band? EA won't yet say.

icon Nintendo to Publish Fatal Frame IV
Trifecta between Nintendo, Tecmo and Suda 51.

icon Space Chimps Landing on Wii in July
A monkey game to accompany a monkey movie.

icon Major Minor Marches on Wii
PaRappa creator's new game detailed.

icon EA Announces Facebreaker
Original arcade boxing game coming this year.

icon Check Mii Out Channel Upgraded
Parental controls, better search and more.

icon New Brawl Characters, Stages, Music
Leaks from Japan means spoilers. Read at your own discretion.

icon Animal Crossing, Kirby Wii Titles Coming This Year
The catch: only in Japan, for now.

icon Five Extra Levels for Wii Version of Force Unleashed
Explore the Jedi Temple among other locales.

icon VC Update: 1080 Snowboarding
Nostalgia only has room for one this week.

icon Ex-Naughty Dog Veterans Working on WiiWare
Steel Penny Games throws itself into the pool.

icon Master System to Join Virtual Console Roster
Relive memories of the first SEGA home console.

icon Brawl: Game Demos on Disc
Play Ice Climber! I dare you!

icon Lolo, Super Street Fighter Sequels Join VC
Give some gaming gifts on MLK Jr.'s birthday.

icon Wii Music: Over 40 Instruments, Different Control Schemes
Play that funky Nintendo music this year.

icon XGen Studios Preparing WiiWare Title
Based on one of its "cult classics."

icon Brawl: Sticker Power-ups
Did you think they were just for show?

icon Atlus Reveals Baroque's Wii Features
Game delayed to March 18, however.

icon Glyphic Entertainment Announces Marker Man
Another developer takes a shine to the Wii.

icon Brawl: Sheik Revealed
Wasn't in Twilight Princess? No problem.

icon No More Heroes Creator Eager for Sequel
Just needs the clearance (i.e. good sales).

icon Brawl: Distant Planet Stage, Game Delay
Week delay for Japan, month delay for America.

icon Factor 5 Developing for Wii
Will gamers finally see Wii's true power?

icon VC Update: A Pac-Attack in the Riot Zone!
Monday morning isn't suited to clever titles.

icon Ford to Off Road on Wii
18 licensed vehicles, 24 tracks.

icon Tomb Raider: Underworld Planned for Wii
Uncover the mysteries of the Mayans.

icon Brawl: Olimar Special Moves
Abilities carried over from Pikmin games.

icon Shin'en Multimedia Providing Audio Service for WiiWare
Fraction of resources used with these tools.

icon Project Bang! announced for WiiWare.
To be one of the first titles on the service.

icon Merscom and Gabitasoft to Bolster WiiWare
Another partnership, another game in the works.

icon Brawl: Captain Olimar Brings Pikmin to Fight
What happened to being the size of a quarter?