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Scientists Developed a New App to Measure Quality of Railway Journey & Vibration Data

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Railway App: The researchers from the University of Birmingham in the UK have recently designed and developed a new mobile application for railway passengers. This new application lets the users measure the quality or the comfort of their railway journey right from their smart devices.

Apart from their experiences over railway ride, the users can also record the vibration data using this new app. You can easily track all these data from the moving train and this app also points out the places whenever changes or maintenance is required. The developers have not yet given a name for this new railway app as it is currently under developing phase. You can check out the complete details about the new application here.

Benefits of New Railway App

Here are some of the excellent benefits of the new railway application developed by the scientists:

  • The passengers can easily find out the problems with the railway track.
  • This app records the vibration data from a running train.
  • All the data that this app collects from the passengers will pass it to the railway firms regarding the instant feedback given by the passengers.
  • If the passengers complain about any of their discomforts through this app, the railway management will try to resolve it in less span of time.
  • If you find any bumps, bangs, and vibrations from the moving train, you can instantly report it to the railway employees through this new app.
  • The users can easily measure the quality of their ride on the train.
  • In each smartphone, you can find an accelerometer that helps the app to evaluate the comfort of your railway ride.

One of the developers said that their research provides numerous opportunities letting the passengers give their instant feedback regarding their ease of journey. This app helps the users to enhance the safety of the railways. Sometimes, while moving on a train, you come across some vibration. You might experience such vibrations due to welding and rolling defects and some other adjustments on tracks. In order to track all these problems, the scientists have developed this new app.


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