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Bhopal: Missing Woman’s Body Found buried inside Boyfriends

Missing Woman’s Body Found buried inside Boyfriends in Bhopal:

Bhopal: In a ghastly incident, a man was arrested for murdering and entombing his girlfriend’s body inside his house. He allegedly put her body on a marble platform after murdering her. The police said it took around six hours to exhume the body inside the marble platform.

His live-in partner was from Bankura in West Bengal. This happened in the wee hours on Tuesday. The accused is a 32-year-old man called Udyan Das. He allegedly strangulated his 28-year-old live-in partner to death. Then he put her body into an iron box. He constructed a marble platform over the iron box.

Missing Woman’s Body Found buried inside Boyfriends in Bhopal:

Missing Woman’s Body Found buried inside Boyfriends in Bhopal:

Virendra Mishra, the Superintendent of Police of Govindpura City said, “West Bengal police have arrested Udyan Das (32) here on charges of murdering his live-in partner Akanksha (28) alias Shweta Sharma. The accused admitted to killing her in December last year and then burying the body under a marble platform on the first floor of his house.” He said “We exhumed the body from under the platform at around 4 AM with the help of drilling machines. It has been sent for postmortem and further interrogation is underway.” A police officer at the Govindpura police station said, “Das initially said that he had married Akanksha at the local BHEL Kalibadi temple. Later, he said that he married her in New York. But it was found that he never visited New York. So, we are still in the process of ascertaining the details given by him.”

As per the police, the accused befriended the victim on social media. He said that he strangulated her in the last week of December last year after a heated dispute. Yesterday, the West Bengal police arrived searching for Akanksha. Her father Shivendra Sharma had lodged a complaint on Jan 5 with West Bengal Police as they lost touch with her. Her father said that Akanksha left home in search for a job back in June 2016. They were in touch with her over the phone and last December the contact stopped as she would only Text them. She had informed in the text messages that she was working in the US.

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