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Malayalam Actress Bhavana Kidnapped and gang raped in a moving Car

Mollywood Star Bhavana Abducted and gang raped

Mollywood: There happens again a shameful and shocking incident. Actress Bhavana a Malayalam Cinema star got abducted last night. The incident took place last night on the way back to her home. At Ernakulam district around 9:30 pm Bhavana reportedly finished off her shoot and boarded her car to return to her place.  It happened when her car stopped at a traffic signal the gang forced themselves inside the car and started misbehaving her.

The Mollywood Star reportedly got kidnapped for the hour and raped by those unidentified men. After an hour or so they dropped her near her home in mental trauma. The brave Mollywood star who has acted in almost 75 films of different languages, registered a police complaint late night against the gang. She also reports that the men took her photos and videos too apart from the physical assault she went through. These videos and photos seemed to be an intended blackmailing conspiracy. However, all the five accused have reportedly been identified and soon will be taken into custody as claimed by the Police.

Mollywood Star Bhavana Abducted and gang raped

Mollywood Star Bhavana Abducted and gang raped

The police have arrested her driver Martin and took his mobile in their custody. After checking Martin’s phone another accused Sunil was found to be the mastermind of this criminal offense. Sunil who is also popularly known as Pulsar Suni was Bhavana’s previous driver. Bhavana had fired him so the possibility of he taking his revenge in this manner couldn’t be ruled out. Suni has already many criminal cases against him. Police are yet to find his whereabouts. All the men fled away in a different car after their criminal offense while leaving the victim behind who took help of one of her director friend.

Bhavana who started her career at an early age of 16 years and have done almost 75 films of various languages has her real name, Karthika Menon. She is a quite a known face of the industry. The incident was a shock for her and also for all the Mollywood fraternity. This is again an example of our unsafe society for women.

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