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Derailment of Kurla-Ambernath train : Local train services restored between Ambernath and Karjat

Mumbai: Five coaches of Kurla-Ambernath local train derailed between Kalyan-Vitthalawadi on Thursday that caused disruption to the train services in Central Railway.  None were injured in the incident and the services on Kalyan-Karjat railway line were shut down by the railway authorities.

The Central Railway said ‘the incident happened at 5: 53 AM on Karjat-bound line’.  After a couple of hour’s suspension, operations on the line where the incident took place were restored.  It is said that everything was restored back to 8 AM.  Nevertheless, several trains that run on the same line were diverted towards other ways which lead to delays.

Local train services  restored between Ambernath and Karjat

mumbai local trains Ambernath and Karjat

22105 CST-Pune Indrayani Express was diverted through Diva-Panvel-Karjat after Kurla-Ambernath local derailment. The Central Railways authorities have requested local Municipal Corporation to run extra buses between Kalyan and Ambernath local derailment.

Due to the derailment, CST-Pune Deccan Queen and CST-Pune Intercity Express were canceled.  This derailment took place just a day after Ajmer-Sealdah expresses derailed near Rural Railway Station in Kanpur Rural district of Uttar Pradesh while crossing the bridge.

In this incident two people were deceased and 40 other passengers were injured.  Eight of the injured were in the critical state as per the reports.  Fifteen coaches of the train got derailed near Kanpur.

Two of the coaches of the train fell off from the bridge into the canal. At first, it was reported that the incident took place majorly due to the heavy fog in the early morning.

One of the passengers said ‘our coach tilted to one side.  I jumped out and saw a few coaches were derailed.’  Many trains that run on the same track were delayed and also canceled.

On Wednesday about 20 trains including Ranchi Rajdhani, Kanpur Shatabdi, and Gomti Express were canceled due to the railway traffic on Delhi-Kanpur section that took place after the incident happened.

The continuous accidents that are taking place in Railways are raising many questions about the safety and security of Indian Railways.  More safety measures need to be taken by the Railways in order to avoid any such accidents in the future.

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