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Now Legion Hacked NDTV Journalist Ravish Kumar’s Account

NDTV Journalists Twitter Accounts hacked

After the hacking of Rahul Gandhi and Vijay Mallya Twitter accounts, now two television journalists’ accounts were hacked.  The same group that hacked Rahul Gandhi and Vijay Mallya’s accounts hacked the accounts of the journalists.

The accounts of journalists Ravish Kumar and Barkha Dutt were said to be hacked by the same group that has hacked Congress Party Vice-President Rahul Gandhi and industrialist Vijay Mallya.

Other than hacking, the email account and password of one of the journalists is believed to have been revealed to the public.  On Sunday, a group that has named itself as ‘Legion’ has reported posted a statement explaining their actions.

‘We use Twitter as a means to reach the public.  We don’t just hack Twitter accounts.  Go on the date and find out.’

The statement released read ‘Email, Twitter accounts of senior NDTV journalists have been hacked.  Attempts are being made to use emails out of context.  We are asking relevant authorities, including courts, to take strong action.’

NDTV Journalists Twitter Accounts hacked:

The group that hacked the Twitter accounts of top industrialist Vijay Mallya and Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi announced that it is the one that has hacked the accounts of these two journalists too.

NDTV Journalists Twitter Accounts hacked

Last month, it has hacked Rahul Gandhi’s account and after a couple of days, it has hacked Vijay Mallya’s account.  On hacking Vijay Mallya’s account, the group has disclosed the home address and phone number of Vijay Mallya on social media.

Barkha Dutt is a popular Television figure.  She is a journalist and columnist who work as a consulting editor for NDTV.  She has lead many popular talk/chat shows on the Television.

Barkha Dutt’s Twitter account was hacked on Saturday by the so-called ‘Legion’ group and the same group has hacked her colleague Ravish Kumar’s account hours later.

The group tweeted ‘Coming up next – @LalitKModi leaks.  Stay tuned.’  The tweets made by the group using these two journalists have been deleted later.

Legion has previously hacked Vijay Mallya’s Twitter account and posted multiple tweets claiming Mallya’s assets at various banks and passwords of the accounts.

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