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Rangoon Bloody Hell song: Queen Kangna’s looks fierce in Hunterwali act

Watch “Bloody Hell” Song From Rangoon : Starting Kangana Ranaut |Saif Ali Khan | Shahid Kapoor

Kangana Ranaut looks  in Rangoon: Bollywood sensational actress Kangana is one of the top rated actresses who is doing pretty well with her choice of films. With the great success of movies like “Queen”, “Tanu weds Manu Returns”, she has proved her versatility skills which took her level to another step forward.  The actress has become the diva of Bollywood and with her acting skills, she is busy with projects.

Taking about her upcoming, she will be seen in “Rangoon”, the look of which is unveiled. Actress Kangana shows off her stunning dance moves in the film and the hopes are high for the movie. Just like the other movies, Kangana will also be seen proving her skills and talent in terms of acting in the film and the fans will get to see Kangana in another avatar.

Kangana playing role of Fearless Nadia in Rangoon:  Looks fierce in Hunterwali act 

 Queen Kangna's looks fierce in Hunterwali act

Actress Kangana will be seen playing the character of Fearless Nadia in the upcoming film Rangoon. She is also known as Hunterwali I the film and is also geared up flaunting her amazing dance moves in the first song revealed,” Bloody hell”. The actress is dressed up in soldier uniform and is seen entertaining the soldiers with her dancing moves. Not only this, the audience can also watch her romantic moments with Saif Ali Khan and Shahid Kapoor in the song.

Watch  “Bloody Hell” Song From Rangoon : Starting Kangana Ranaut |Saif Ali Khan | Shahid Kapoor

The song “Bloody Hell” is sung by the very fine singer Sunidhi Chauhan in combining with Vishal Bhardwaj- Gulzar Sahib which no matter what creates wonders and magic. The same is seen with the number and you can watch the video of the song released on the official social platforms. The song has some magical blend of English words in it that makes the song more tuning into. Watch the video of the song and see Kananga’s new get up and her sizzling moves that will impress you also. Well, Kangana we are very much impressed by the moves and expects a lot from the film. stay connected with us for more updates and details.

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