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Kamal Hassan shared a Video Which Shows Violent side of the Jallikattu protest


Violent side of the Jallikattu protest: The protest against the Jallikattu game sport in the city is getting violent on Monday. There are various videos that are being uploaded on the social networking streams. The situation seems to go out of Control in Chennai where the policemen were seen torching the auto rickshaw at the Mylapore nearby the Marina Beach.

The video went viral on the social streams and the video also has the policeman committing arson by throwing the sheets of the burning newspapers in the auto rickshaw. Jallikattu is basically a bull taming game which is considered to be the sport in Tamil Nadu and this game is said to be continued for more than 2000 years. The game was ban in the year 2014 and now, there is a strong action of protest coming from the people of the city asking to remove the ban.

Violent side of the Jallikattu protest captured in the video shared by actor Kamal Hassan!

There is huge support seen coming from the celebrities and politicians who are standing in support of Jallikattu. They say that it is a sport and the intention is not to tame any animals. The Veteran actor Kamal Hassan recently in support of Jallikattu has tweeted a video that went viral in a fraction of seconds. He along with the video had also mentioned the address of the press Conference that will be held on Tuesday morning in Chennai. He also wrote a statement, “I am equally shocked to see the video of the cop committing arson. I hope some sort of explanation is given to us so that we can calm down.

Apart from this, there were other videos that show the policeman was seen approaching the object that caught fire instantly after the cop moves away from there. The video is not clear, though. On the entire incident, Mylapore Deputy Commissioner V Balakrishna says,” we are looking into the veracity of the video. We are shocked; we will take action against the policeman if it is true.” Stay connected with us for more updates and latest news.

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