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ISRO launched remote sensing satellite Resourcesat-2A and Placed in orbit Successfully

ISRO launched and Placed remote sensing satellite Resourcesat-2A

ResourceSat-2A: The Indian Space Research Organization, the space agency for the country of India has successfully done orbital launches consecutively. On Wednesday ISRO once again made success by launching the remote sensing satellite called Resourcesat-2A into the orbit. The PSLV-C36 Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle carried the 1.2 tone Resourcesat 2A uplifted from the first launch pad.

This was at Satish Dhawan Space Centre which is located approximately 100 km from Chennai, in Sriharikota. The launch time took place at 10.25am. ISRO utilized XL rocket model in the PSLV’s 38th flight. From the year 1994 to the year 2016, PSLV has made 36 successful launches which launched 121 satellites out of which 79 were from abroad. It was a matter of just 18 minutes after lifting off from launch site Sriharikota that the PSLV-C36 placed satellite in an 818 KM Polar Sun Synchronous Orbit.

ISRO Placed remote sensing satellite Resourcesat-2A in orbit Successfully :


AS Kiran Kumar who is the chairman of ISRO congratulated the entire team on the successful launch of the satellite. K Sivan, Director, Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre said that including the avionics a number of systems were tried at the launch that happened on Wednesday. Mr. K. Sivan said, “This is the first time we used our own Navic System to navigate PSLV. The Navic processor and receiver helped navigate PSLV.” He also said that the GSLV MK III launch is scheduled to happen next year on January 20, 2017. P Kunhikrishnan, the director for Satish Dhawan Space Centre said, “This is the ninth launch this year.

 Details of Resource sat 2A satellite:

The launch campaign for GSLV MK-III has begun.” The Resourcesat-2A which launched on Wednesday is a remote sensing satellite purpose was to monitor resources. This is a follow up to the mission to Resourcesat-1 as well as Resourcesat-2 that were launched in the year 2003 and the year 2012 respectively. The Resourcesat-2A expects continuing the remote sensing data services for worldwide users that the previous satellites provided. The Resourcesat-2A has three payloads similar the Resourcesat-1 and Resourcesat-2. These are high resolution Linear Imaging Self Scanner (LISS-4) camera that operates in 3 spectral bands in Visible and Near Infrared Region (VNIR) with 5.8m spatial resolution.

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