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To begin chatting to other people on The Wiire, type in your nickname below and click Login. The script may take a few minutes to load. You may have to click Yes to allow it to be loaded by your web browser. We promise the web chat client does not load any viruses, spyware, or anything else nasty.

If you'd rather connect with your own IRC client, head to #thewiire at one of the servers closest to you.

......Please read the following IMPORTANT information:
  • All rules from The Wiire's Terms of Service apply here! Failure to follow the rules will result in you being kicked from the channel!
  • Once the Web Chat is fully loaded, it will automatically connect you to the following channel: #thewiire
  • If you choose a nickname that someone else is using, you will be assigned a random nickname. To choose another nick, type /nick desirednickhere and hit Enter.
  • To use the Web Chat, you must have Java installed. If you don't have it, it is available for free from Sun.

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WyldRyde IRC Network
Random Servers
LocationServer NamePort
Random WyldRyde Serverirc.wyldryde.org6667
Random WyldRyde SSL Server (more info)ssl.wyldryde.org+6697

United States
LocationServer NamePort
(more info)
USARandom United States Serverus.wyldryde.org6667_Mist_, usrbingeekTown and Country Photographer
USANew York, New York, USArubicon.wyldryde.org6667ThunderIT-Allan, Catt, Island Dave, jpmk12ServerBolt
USAGrand Rapids, Michigan, USAodyssey.wyldryde.org6667ThunderIT-Allan, Kat, DOlsen, FreekieServerBolt
USAChicago, Illinois, USAresurrection.wyldryde.org6667Atri, Justin, therock247ukAtribune.org
USANaperville, Illinois, USAviper.wyldryde.org6667Jeff, Catt, RyanBestTechie.net
USALos Angeles, CA, USAneptune.wyldryde.org6667Freekie, JustinFreekie.net
USASanta Cruz, California, USAintrepid.wyldryde.org6667SubWolf, IslandDave, HelioBlogShares.com
LocationServer NamePort
(more info)
CanadaRandom Canadian Serverca.wyldryde.org6667_Mist_, usrbingeekBriskWhisk
CanadaToronto, Ontario, Canadasovereign.wyldryde.org6667ThunderIT-Allan, DOlsen, crrj, nobodyShellFusion
LocationServer NamePort
(more info)
Random European Servereu.wyldryde.org6667_Mist_, usrbingeek#!/usr/bin/geek
United KingdomLondon, England, UKenterprise.wyldryde.org6667Pierce, Phil, therock247ukMiniMins.com
United KingdomLondon, England, UKfrack.wyldryde.org6667Atri, Phil, therock247uk247Fixes.com
GermanyFrankfurt, Germanycylon.wyldryde.org6667Phil, Kat, AdamFLusci.com
GermanyFrankfurt, Germanymars.wyldryde.org6667Phil, Pierce, FreekieLusci.com
NorwaySandnes, Norwaytranquility.wyldryde.org6667_Mist_, usrbingeek, HelioWyldRyde Corporation