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Instagram will now Notify if your Friend takes a Screenshot of Direct messages


Instagram updates: Instagram is the most used social networking application after facebook and snapchat and it owns the 500 million monthly active users and has frequently updating with its features by implementing the new features where as Snapchat on the other hand had 100 million users. Instagram is now coming with a new feature that will alert the users, Instagram will now send a notification to your friend if you take a screenshot of their disappearing message in Direct Message (DM).

‘Facebook’ owned the Photo Sharing app of Instagram and it will notify your friends when you take a screenshot of their Direct Messages and it is said that it is the copy of snapchat which is said by a report of media. Mashable reported that , however the notifications are only for the new disappearing message feature. Instagram said in a Blogspot that “Unlike other messages in Direct these photos and videos disappear from your friend’s inboxes after they have seen them and you’ll see if they replayed it or took a screenshot of that message,”.

Instagram Notifies You if Your Friend Screenshots Your Direct Message


If you are sending a disappearing message because of any reason it may have,  Instagram has your back and saves you if in case your friend wants to keep them for future reference. Instagram also introduced ‘Disappearing photos and videos’ to the application earlier this week which is said that it is another copy of a feature that was first seen on Snapchat. The feature can be used by swiping right into the camera to capture, then tapping the arrow button to send it privately to a single user or as a group.

Live Video update

                    Instagram has also introduced a new “Live video” feature to this application, to make a live video a user needs to swipe right from their feed and tap on the “Start Live Video” button. Users can share a live video for up to an hour, and can pin a comment on it and if you are doing Live in Instagram your friends will get notified about your Live video. These are all the new updates to the Instagram application and the developers are hoping the maximum active users after the update.

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  1. Instagram sending alerts if you screenshot disappearing messages.The notifications only appear for screenshots taken of the new disappearing messages and will not be appearing if you take a snap of a public post.That’s True, I really tried it.

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