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Hero Bicycles Launches Lectro Range of ‘EPAC’ Electric Pedal Assisted Cycle Range In India


Hero Bicycles Launches Lectro ‘EPAC’ : The world’s largest bicycle manufacturer has now introduced a bicycle that is tuned to the current generation. This bicycle is electric! It is called E-Bicycle and there is a completely new range of bicycles to choose from. 

The Hero Company describes these as the perfect blend of style with technology. The punch line goes Pedal to the future with E-Cycle. In India, it is officially expected to arrive by January of next year. The Lectro range comes in different styles as well as sizes. Right from small wheels for kids, fat wheels for those cycles with chubby tires. Including all of these, there is a total of around five different versions to choose from.

Hero Bicycle’s Electric Pedal Assisted Cycle Range- ‘EPAC’ :


The e-cycle motor is powered by 250-watt electric motor. This is kept in the hub of the rear wheel. The motor runs on 48 volts or a 36 volts battery pack. This one is kept on the bike frame’s lower tube. This is in the case of the lower priced models. The high end priced models have the battery pack mounted right into the rear wheel hub. The intention behind this new generation bicycle idea is to help out the bicycle rider. The assistance controls are mounted on the handlebar.

Hero Bicycle’s EPAC Features and Prices:

The company Hero claims that this Gen Next Electric Bicycle can deliver a range of 50 KM on one single charge. The Lectro range of bicycles also has a Bluetooth sync to go with the present trends. In addition to all of this, the Lectro range of bicycles also comes with an electronic hub lock based on a GPS (global positioning system) as a tracking feature.

The price range is from Rs 40,000 and goes up to Rs 80,000 for the highest end model.The main goal is to target the corporate professionals in metro cities who would ride bicycles to work. These will also see a step towards air pollution and is a healthy way to stay fit once the use of electric bicycles launch in India.

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