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Hyderabad : Gangster Ayub Khan Caught in Airport With Fake Passport

Gangster Ayub Khan arrest

Gangster Ayub Khan arrest: The Gangster Ayub Khan obtained a passport for the authorities with a fake name and fake proofs. He took that Passport with the name Naveed Ahmed with Habeeb Nagar address. This gangster Ayub Khan had several cases on him and he was arrested for several reasons till date.

Now, he was arrested in Mumbai airport by following an Interpol report this week. Ayub Khan came to the Mumbai city twice and returned to Saudi Arabia through his fake passport. After his third arrival to Mumbai, he failed to enter the city because of the immigration officials found the pending notice on him.

Gangster Ayub Khan arrest : Police Caught him at Airport on hid Third trip with Fake Passport

Gangster Ayub Khan arrest

After the immigration officials nabbed him, the Taskforce team went to the airport to bring him into the city. As per the reports, it is said that he was being brought to the city by road. The DCP of South Zone V. Sathyanarayana said to the media and public that “Soon after he came out on bail in the Advocate Mannan Ghori murder case, he started hunting down witnesses. Even policemen were scared of arresting the gangster as, when challenged, he had a habit of attacking them with deadly weapons. He had with him three passports in different names.

With the help of insiders from the police department, he had been using them to evade the eye of enforcement agencies and fly out. No witness or complainant dared to depose against him. This was one reason why most of the cases ended up in acquittal. Witnesses often turned hostile, to escape his brutal pressure.” Along with this he also added to his speech that “In 1992, police tried to nab him, but he attacked them with deadly weapons. Police opened fire. He received a bullet injury on his knee.”

Ayub Khan  involved in 72 cases, and started Gold Smuggling in Hyderabad

The address that gangster Ayub Khan gave in the fake passport is the address of his residence in Bada Bazar, while the actual residence is at Fateh Darwaza in Kumarwadi. In Saudi Arabia this gangster deals with the gold business, he would stay at Dhammam and smuggles gold. The reports say that Ayub Khan’s first passport expired in the year 1997. Later, he got the new passport and according to the police reports he got another passport which is fake and is used in the past. Now, Ayub Khan was brought into the city and there are two non-bailable warrants on him now which are issued by the Nampally criminal court and are pending against him.

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