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ChhattisgarhTribal girl gang raped by two juveniles: Now delivers a baby

Tribal girl gang raped by two juveniles

Chhattisgarh: On December 29, 2016, the police found a minor girl on the roadside. The girl who is a sixteen-year-old teenager was found when she was suffering from acute pain. She was a rag picker and at times also did sundry jobs in order to feed herself. The police found her by the roadside and took her to a hospital as she was in acute pain.

This incident happened in Mayur Vihar in Delhi. It was then revealed that the sixteen-year-old teenager was allegedly gang-raped and then she gave birth to a baby girl. Currently, efforts are on to try and find a job for the minor girl so that she can find a living.

16 year old Tribal girl gang raped by two juveniles: Now delivers a baby

Tribal girl gang raped by two juveniles

When she was rushed to the hospital the doctors there informed the police that the minor girl was pregnant. On December 31, 2016, she later delivered a baby girl, they said. The minor girl had told the police that a few months earlier she had been gang raped by two youths. She also gave the names to the police about the two youth who raped her. During the investigations, it was found out that the accused two rapists who were named by the girl were involved in chain snatching. Whenever the police caught such criminals with the same name they asked her to identify if they are the same duo. In the process, there was no success.

Finally, on Tuesday the police apprehended two juveniles who had the same names. The girl finally managed to identify them as the same duo, as said by the police. Omvir Singh the DCP East also confirmed the incident. The minor girl has already been counseled. The police are also making efforts to give her a job. So this way the girl can take care of her newborn baby girl as well as take care of herself. She used to reside on the Mayur Vihar metro station footpaths. Many times the sixteen-year-old minor girl even had to beg for food to feed herself, the police said.

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