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Facebook Messenger’s gets an upgrade Version of camera with 3D masks, filters & much more.


Facebook Messenger Gets new Camera: The Google-owned Facebook strives to be on top for its services for its million worldwide users. In a new effort, the social networking giant has introduced an interesting feature which is a powerful native camera. Read on to know the features with this great new Facebook introduction.

While the camera features unique art as well as 3D special effects, the greater aspects of this new powerful camera are its speed and reliability. This icon featuring a camera is placed right in the center of the entire Facebook Messenger. Once the user opens up the app the powerful native new camera icon is right in the center.

Facebook Messenger  camera gets an upgrade Version with 3D masks, filters & much more :


You can simply give a tap in order to snap your favorite picture. It is not only for snapping pics. When you press down the camera icon for a while, holding the icon down records the video. The function of it is quite similar to what it was earlier. However, the latest one is simpler to access thereby making it much faster.

Moreover, this new camera feature on the Facebook Messenger comes with new 3D  special effects. These features are quite famous among those users who use the Facebook Rival instant messaging service called Snapchat. Also with this new feature, it gets much easier to put some artistry on to the captured image. For an instance, the user can click a pic and then add something like falling snow or even a reindeer. The Facebook Messenger describes this and says, “it’s the perfect way to spread a little happiness in your messages.”

Facebook is adding several frames, masks, as well as effects and stickers to the photo filter update. As no photo, filter is complete without such kinds of filters. Also, the Messaging services giant Facebook also has got in many artists to add great unique customization options. The last and the best introduction is when stickers can be added to text on the blank canvas. Now with the new camera icon in Facebook Messenger, there are more options for users to express their feelings along with filters and stickers too.

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