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Reason Behind Jaya Lalitha’s Death Secret: Uk Doctors Revealed Cause

jayalalitha death secrets reveled

Jaya Lalitha’s Death mystery Solved: Massive crowds gathered outside the Apollo Hospitals in Chennai where the Ex-Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu Jayalalitha was admitted. On Monday, at the press conference, Dr. Richard Beale said, “It was infection with damage to organs that led to her death.” The doctor also clarified that the press conference was held by the government and it was not held by the hospital.

He added “The doctors chose to facilitate the press conference now. “There was nothing unusual about her case from the medical point of view,” Dr. Beale said. “There was no question at all about poisoning. There was nothing mysterious about it. The poisoning thing is nonsense,” said Dr. Beale.

Uk Based Doctors Revealed Reason Behind TN Jaya Lalitha’s Death

jayalalitha death secrets reveled

The doctors also clarified that there was no amputation performed on the late TN CM Jayalalitha. Speaking for the first time about the reason for the former Chief Minister’s death back in December the doctor said she suffered from an infection. First, she was given non-invasive ventilation after which she seemed to improve. However, the sepsis seemed to progress as she got tired of ventilation fully. She also recovered and was interactive later, said Dr. Beale.

The embalming process is done in the case of VIP Deaths and the late CM’s procedure was carried out at 12.20 AM, December 5. This was why there were marks on her face, one of the doctors said. The former TN CM also read the election commission letter and was conscious at that time. Her thumb impression was also attested by Dr. Balaji and Dr. Babu. On why no photograph was released, Dr. Beale responded saying it is not a – “normal practice to photograph critically-ill patients and publish private details. It is an intrusion of privacy unless they specifically want that to happen. In general sense, it is not done.”

However, the group of doctors did not say why media was informed she was improving dramatically when she was critically ill.  They said this is policy-level and it is not their domain to answer. “It was a witnessed cardiac arrest. Team of doctors were in the room when she had the attack,” one of the doctors said. “She was immediately resuscitated at the bedside. All facilities were present at the bedside.”

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