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Doctor used WhatsApp as a tool to Find Indore-Patna Express Accident Survivors’ Kin


Indore-Patna Express Accident Survivors’ Kin : Everyone must be aware of the most popular Social networking stream “WhatsApp” which is used by every individual all across the world. Now, the tool is used to find the Kin survivors by Doctors in northern India. Let’s go deep in the matter. Sejal Yadav 8 year’s old small boy was recently pulled from the wreckage of the derailed train and was quickly rushed to the hospital as he was injured badly. Being alone, she went to the hospital to get treated and after few hours was accompanied by her brother and WhatsApp let her connect with her brother. The Indore Patna express on Sunday fell off the track and this led to injuries of the passengers. Many people were seen abruptly injured and was headed to the hospitals for the treatments.

indore patna express accident

WhatsApp used to send pictures of the people injured:

The survivors were seen rescuing from the mangled carriages and both children and elders were seen getting rescued by the helpers. People got separated from their relatives and family members and were headed ahead for their safety. Those who were injured were taken to the hospital and those who were in good condones were helping others. More than 146 people lost their lives and 100’s of people were injured. Doctors were there to help them out and used the WhatsApp application. WhatsApp came out to be of great help as the doctors clicked pictures of the patients and shared it further with other hospitals in the area using the app.

A.K. Srivastava, as the senior doctor of a local hospital, said,” We clicked photos of every patient who came to our hospitals on our phone and immediately shared his, her name and identity of the group. This way, if anyone from his/her family or acquaintances was at the other hospital looking for them, we were able to unite them swiftly.” A great use of the technology is seen by the act.  The victims of the incident are under great shock and few have injured very badly. All the help are endeared to them at possible ways.

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