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Shameless Delhi Man Confesses Raping A 3 years old girl : Dumps In A Pit

Delhi Man Rapes 3 Year Old Girl : India is on the hit list when it comes to providing unsafe security to the girls and women’s in the country. Delhi- the capital city is the top most city unsafe for girls and women’s where in the news of girls being raped are very much in news. There is one more case coming forward where a 3 year’s old little girl was abruptly raped and thrown into a pit by a man. The astonishing incident happened in north Delhi, Sarai Rohilla area. Let’s get to know what had happened.

delhi 3year old rape case

Shameless 35 Year Old Man Rapes 3Year Old Girl in Delhi:

Birbal, 35 years man has abruptly raped a 3 years small girl and has dumped her on a pit after raping her. He assumed her to be dead but for his surprise, the little victim survived. The whole incident was put in front of the Police who arrested the suspect on November 21st night. The girl’s elder sister told the police that she had seen some man giving chocolate to the victim on that night. The man got arrested by the Delhi police and the officer says that the suspect was in an unstable state fully drunken.

He was under the investigation of the Police and after some hours the suspect could get back to being normal.  He then made the confession of raping the minor girl and dumping her in the pit to die. The incident came into eyes on Tuesday where the girl was found inside the pit in very bad situation. The police officer investigating the incident said that. The culprit was taken into custody on the day the girl was found lying in the pit. Immediately she was rushed to Bara Hindu Rao Hospital and now the girl is out of danger says the police. It’s a shame to people who even think of doing such dreadful thing and such people should be punished extremely. The girl was visited by the Delhi Commission For Women chief Swati Maliwal and she tweeted saying, “Critical, m visiting the girl” before making a visit to the hospital to meet the victim.


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