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Telangana Government Department’s Corrupt Employees Finds an Innovative Trick In Accepting Bribes

Telangana Government Department's Corrupt Employees: After the ban on big notes, the corruptionists have come up with new plans and ideas of corruption.  There are many government departments like revenue, municipal administration, commercial taxes, excise, panchayat raj and rural development, medical and health that are involved in these corrupt activities.  Out

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AP Govt plans distribute free mobiles

AP Govt plans to distribute free mobiles to economically backward People to aid in cashless transactions

AP Govt to distribute free mobiles : The Andhra Pradesh Government is planning to Distribute Free Mobiles for the people to do the “Cashless Transactions”, this is to enable economically-backward people to undertake cashless transactions in the wake of the ongoing Currency Crisis. After the sudden Demonetisation of the higher currency

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