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Miyamoto Hints at New Characters

By Jason Kopplin / Thursday, 01 July 2010



Details on Nintendo's future plans surfaced at the company's shareholders meeting on June 29. While there were no specific announcements, the tea leaves can still be parsed. Looking at the highlights, several statements stand out and one is especially exciting.


The biggest ear-perker was when Shigeru Miyamoto said, "It's about time for a new game character. Perhaps this can be delivered next year." What does he mean by new game character? While it could be another friend for Mario to romp around with, wishful thinkers can hold out for a new franchise. Nintendo properties don't come out very often, but when the do it's usually worth the wait.


It's great to see all the old favorites coming back for the 3DS but what would really send the handheld over the top were some strong original properties.


Miyamoto also mentioned he was hard at work on the new Pikmin game, saying he has to finish it quickly. It's curious Pikmin wasn't at E3 if production is indeed wrapping up soon.


Also, the creator of Mario and Zelda is famous for incorporating his hobbies into game concepts. He went out of his way to mention swimming. Perhaps Nintendo will finally have an answer to Ecco the Dolphin.


(Source: Andriasang)

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