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Iwata Hints at 3D in Next Home Console

By Mike Suszek / Thursday, 17 June 2010

iwata_3ds_e3Nintendo President Satoru Iwata (left, unveiling the 3DS at E3 this year), recently spoke to Nihon Keizai Shumbun, a Japanese financial paper in a feature about 3D games, Andriasang reports.

In the Thursday morning edition of its paper, Iwata was asked if 3D support would be coming to the Wii.  In response, Iwata said "If you display a 3D image, the image quality becomes extremely bad, so we'd probably do it with the next system."

Iwata said that Nintendo is "thinking that the timing should be once the 3D television adoption rate crosses the 30% mark."

With the Wii, Nintendo did not act on a growing adoption rate for high-definition televisions.  Iwata stressed the play progression and interactivity-oriented reasons for supporting 3D televisions.  He told the newspaper:

"In 3D, it's easier to get a sense for position. In a game where the stages extend into the screen, it's surprisingly easier to control. This is functionality for making games more pleasant to play, not just for show."

Iwata also acknowledged the failed attempt at bringing 3D technology into gaming with the Virtual Boy, saying "Nintendo had an eye the charms of immersive 3D for games and released a 3D game machine 15 years ago, but the technology was not ready."

"Two years back, we decided that we finally had the technology and parts to make a satisfying product," he continued.

Iwata and Nintendo seem to fully support the future of 3D gaming, something that will likely span across their entire future console lineup, starting with the Nintendo 3DS handheld unveiled at this years' E3.

Iwata makes that point clear, adding, "In the future, 3D will become the mainstream of gaming."

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