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Mario Sports Mix Hands-On Impressions

By Scott Barkman / Thursday, 17 June 2010



With Mario Sports Mix, Mario makes his sports comeback once again, this time in the form of a compilation pack of four sports: volleyball, basketball, hockey, and dodge ball. The only two games available on the show floor were volleyball and basketball (bah, me want Hockey!)

Despite being a compilation, the games felt exactly how you expected them to feel were each on a full, stand-alone disc. Items and power moves were present as well as all your favorite characters from games past.




Volleyball felt like an awesome throwback to Super Spike V-Ball back on the NES. It has intense action, massive spikes, and over-the-top power moves that will have your opponent running. The controls are simple, flick the remote up to jump, smash it down to spike, and use the analog stick on the Nunchuk to position your character.

If you manage to fill your power meter up, pressing A+B will initiate your power strike. It's pretty simple, but really rewarding. You can run up to the net and jump to block your opponent's strike, or play it safe and stay in the back court. I can see myself playing this for hours with friends, it was loads of fun.


Basketball is very much like volleyball, consisting of the same moves. Flicking up on the Wii Remote makes your character jump, while flicking down makes him throw the ball. If you're in the key and holding up on the control pad while whipping down the Wii Remote, you'll send your character in for a dunk. Again, holding down A+B will initiate a power move which will usually end up with your character doing some ridiculous over-the-top maneuver, followed by an equally ridiculous opponent-crushing dunk. Again, it was really fun.

At first, the thought of a compilation sports pack would mean watered-down experiences that I would rather see fleshed-out in a full-fledged game. But the two sports I had a go at left me feeling the opposite.




This game felt like what you would expect from Mario sports titles of the past: crazy action, tons of items, and zany levels. Although, it appeared there were only three levels to choose from per sport. This may be just due to being a demo, or what they intend to bring to market.

Either way, Mario Sports Mix seems like a solid game, I had a lot of fun being schooled destroying the Nintendo rep during my play time with the game.

See the trailer and more screenshots for yourself, and gear up for a 2011 release for this Square-Enix-developed title!



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