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Nintendo: Wii Has A "Very Long Life" Ahead Of It

By Ian Mikutel / Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime insists the Wii is far from dead, downplaying industry speculation that a Wii successor is soon to be announced.


Reggie Fils-Aime


In an interview with Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Fils-Aime said: "We are confident the Wii home entertainment console has a very long life in front of it."


Nintendo is hoping upcoming releases of big first-party titles Metroid: Other M, Super Mario Galaxy 2, and Zelda, along with its upcoming Wii Vitality Sensor, will keep the console going throughout 2010 and beyond.


Fils-Aime's remarks come one week after comments from Nintendo President Saturo Iwata said he believes the Wii is back to a healthy state, citing a "combination of factors" as to how the once sick console has regained its momentum.


Beyond upcoming software and peripheral releases, Nintendo also announced today that Netflix streaming will go live on the Wii this spring in the United States. Fils-Aime told The New York Times this announcement "is a continuation of an effort to bring more and more entertainment to consumers who interact with the Wii."


It is this type of entertainment, coupled with software and peripheral releases, that Nintendo believes will keep the Wii selling strong for years to come. However, many industry analysts and gamers alike believe Nintendo can only buy so much time before it is forced to upgrade the Wii hardware from a technical standpoint.


Fils-Aime suggested to BusinessWeek that no Wii hardware announcements would be made at the upcoming Game Developers Conference in March in San Francisco, but refused to say what the Big-N has up its sleeves for the E3 Expo in mid-June.

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