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Suda 51 Confirms Next No More Heroes for Next Nintendo System

By Eric Jones / Sunday, 27 September 2009


In an interview with, No More Heroes 2 producer Goichi "Suda 51" Suda confirmed that, despite reports to the contrary, the series will be remaining on Nintendo systems for the forseeable future.


Although Suda had been quoted as stating that he would like to look into Microsoft's Project Natal or Sony's PS3 Motion Controller for the future of the franchise, it looks as if he might have been misquoted.


When asked if the series would be leaving Nintendo platforms, Suda says that he would like the next No More Heroes to be on the next-gen Nintendo console, whether it be the "Wii 2" or otherwise.  He also states that lead character Travis Touchdown's story will conclude with the next game, and a prospective No More Heroes 3 would be all about a new character.


Definitely good news for Nintendo, as No More Heroes has been one of the definitive sleeper hits of this generation.  Keeping the franchise on Nintendo platforms can only help, being one of the few games on the platform that has successfully appealed to the mature gamer.

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