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Guitar Hero Baffles John Mayer

By Mike Suszek / Sunday, 05 July 2009

John Mayer, well known guitarist/singer, has a strong Twitter following.  He is one of the types to upload pictures and be quite a bit more genuine than other celebrities that have publicists tweeting for them.


With that in mind, Mayer spilled about his experiences with Guitar Hero World Tour late Saturday night, even though he refers to it as Rock Band:


"Just figured out Rock Band. The right hand has to stay down the entire length of the note. Dumb. But I'm rocking now. @tonyheld is toast."


It doesn't end there.  In fact, he adds a few more lines and a picture:


"Something's just not the same. Luke sex with a Real Doll."

..."I clearly went to edit "Luke" to "Like" and hit send. This is rough."




The picture (above), tells a bit about his experience, which we'll kindly break down.  First, John is holding the strum bar down during (we can assume) notes that are supposed to be held out.


Next, we'll note that he's clearly using one of the first Guitar Hero Wii guitars, and the screen shows the newest iteration, indicating that he's playing World Tour.  So it isn't Rock Band, but that's nitpicking, since both are so similar.


Lastly, John Mayer has a Wii.  What games should we massively tweet at him to play?


I get the feeling that if we give him a couple weeks he could probably play better than anyone else.  He's got the fingers for it, doesn't he?


Update: It didn't occur to me right away, but a little over a year ago, John Mayer was speaking out against Guitar Hero.  Has he just been playing it wrong this whole time, or has he come around to find music games entertaining?


Update #2: For what it's worth, Richard in the comments says that's Guitar Hero: Smash Hits in the background, not World Tour.  Is he right?

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