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Nintendo Opens Korean Offices

By Terrell Chambers / Saturday, 08 July 2006
Announced at a recent meeting with shareholders, Nintendo's most recent subsidiary, Nintendo of Korea, is officially open as of this article's posting.

With an initial investment of approximately $26 million, the new subsidiary operating out of the South Korean capital of Seoul has replaced the efforts of Korean distribution company Daiwon CI, who previously handled the distribution of Nintendo products in the country. Daiwon CI has been criticized in the past for their poor post-purchase consumer support of Nintendo products, as well as shoddy - or absent - Korean localizations of software for Nintendo platforms.

The new subsidiary, led by Mineo Kouda, will begin localization work on DS software beginning on July 20. Preparations for the launch of both the Nintendo DS Lite and upcoming Wii console in South Korea are also on the new subsidiary's agenda, though no launch dates have yet been issued for either platform as of the time of this article's posting.

Nintendo has been quite vigorous in its expansion into other markets over the past several years. One such example is iQue, the company's brand in China, which has seen expansive brand growth since its opening in 2002, despite the country's well-known abundance of video game piracy. Korea is known for having a very prominent PC game culture and a very small market for console games, but it is not yet known what Nintendo has planned to surmount this supposed obstacle.

The Wiire will continue to bring you more on Nintendo's expansion into South Korea as it is made available.

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