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Apple Wireless AirPods Goes For Pre-Order : will Hit Stores on 21st Dec 2016

Apple AirPods: Apple has made its AirPods available for pre-orders via its online store in the US.  The first shipment will likely arrive by December 21 as per the sources.  On the same day, they will be made available for purchase in all the outlets of the company.

Apple has launched the AirPods, wireless earphones along with iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in September this year.  It then said that it will roll out AirPods in late October, but failed to do so and announced the delay in rolling out.

US: Apple AirPods Available for Pre-Order, will be available on stores from 21st Dec 2016


It said ‘we don’t believe in shipping a product before it’s ready, and we need a little more time before AirePods are ready for our customers.’  The AirPods are priced at $159 (Rs. 15,400 in Indian currency).

The company has announced late October roll out of AirPods in India as well, but it is now not sure about the exact date of launch in India.

Specs of Apple AirPods

The device is powered by Apple’s new W1 wireless chip, the company’s first wireless chip, which allows quick pairing and connectivity with the iPhone.  The earphones are wire-free and come with separate ear buds that are not connected to each other.

The AirPods sports dual optical sensors and accelerometers in each ear bud which work in association with W1 chip which detects when the headphones are in ears and only plays when the user is ready to listen.

By double-tapping, the AirPods Siri is enabled and a microphone is designed to focus on voice and filter out external sound.  The AirPods battery last up to five hours on single charge.  The set comes with a charging set as well.

The device can also be charged in such a way that it can last up to 24 hours.  The device also pairs easily with the devices.  They are not exactly powered by Bluetooth for pairing but are made using Bluetooth-like technology developed by Apple.

It is said that the device will be available in the US starting December 21 and there is a huge demand for the devices.

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